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"Fisher" Kings and Queens - did your pain go away on its own?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 20th, 2011

Actually, fissure kings and queens.

I am in so much pain – and I was told by the specialist to get an operation – which I fear more than the pain – so I’ve been putting it off – for many months now.

Does anyone have a heartwarming story about theirs going away on its own?

Anything irrelevant, googleable or off-topic will be flagged swiftly. This is in General, serious and though funny to some (believe me, I get it) – serious to me and others. Thanks.

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As far as I know from nursing, fissures do not heal on their own. There might be medical treatment for some instead of surgical, like packing. I have a procedure being done on the 21 and I have feared it for 3 months. There is no way it will be as bad as I think. And probably the same for you. Think how wonderful it would be to not hurt! Not to mention, you’re inviting all manner of secondary problems. Not very heartwarming, I’m afraid :(

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Please keep me posted and best of luck.

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I had gastroenteritis and got one after that. It was agony so I feel for you having it for months.

I was quite ill anyway at that time so felt I didn’t have the strength to try and let it heal on its own. So I went to my GP and it did clear up fairly quickly and it didn’t get too bad. Cream on prescription from my GP and plenty of roughage and liquids. I think that’s the key – the healing stuff can only do so much but if you keep re-opening it because you are even slightly constipated, it will take so much longer to heal.

This is the fissure pages on a website for the UK which is a tool for GPs to use in helping with diagnosis and treatment of common ailments. It is very trustworthy (although when I look at it I have to spend quite a lot of the time googling the meaning of the medical terms).

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