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What kind of questions do you like to answer the most?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) June 20th, 2011

Some of us like to flock to the thought provoking questions, while others tend to have fun with the opinionated and silly questions. And Kardamom seems to have her nose in all of the food questions :P love her to death…

What kind of questions do you find yourself enjoying the most?

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Stuff I know about. I spend the most time on socio-political ones, but being the sort of person who is also into food, gardening, the outdoors, firearms, and such, I end up answering a lot of those questions too.

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I don’t like debate questions.
Social questions including the silly ones, the get-to-know-you ones, the game ones, and the general questions which I think I’m able to answer and find interesting.

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I like both the thought provoking and the opinionated questions. I like seeing how people think and how they feel about certain things, even when they make jokes.

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Most? The ones I know the answer to.

But I like to wander into the ones I’d ask (if I’d thought of them) and see what the answer is.

And of course I have to look in on a lot of questions I only half know the answer to (or can improvise) because not enough people are panting to know the things I have in my head.

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The meaning of life and love. How we live. How we get along. How do we make meaning. How do we have fun. How do we govern ourselves. How do we decide what is moral and ethical. How do we really behave. How do we take care of ourselves. How do we prepare ourselves?

Pretty much anything broad and nothing specific. I’m more big picture. I don’t know anything, really. That’s why they pay me the big bucks!

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Party questions about how awesome other jellies are.
Funny questions.
Questions that derail in food fights.

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I like f7u12
…Wait a minute, wrong site.FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU

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@Michael_Huntington Hahahahahahaha, you’re great.

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I migrated here from a much ruder and much more debate-oriented site, so I initially intended to do much of the same until I discovered that the vibe here is totally different. I do still like to debate a bit, but the userbase here is smarter than I’m used to so I often avoid trying to get into debates for fear of being pummelled to the ground by brilliance. XD

I really love questions where I can express my niche knowledge. If I have to go through crap in my life, I may as well use the things I’ve learned from it to help other people not have to go through the same crap. We’ll get the occasional digestive health/autoimmune disease question where I feel like my knowledge could be useful, and that feels good. I can also answer many general health questions due to my experiences. Aaaaand I like answering math/physics/chemistry questions because it allows me to exercise my skillz0rz :D

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Mostly anything that involves some of my interests, some relationship type questions, if they are sincere and not too sophomoric, anything that is thought provoking, that I feel I might be able to intelligently toss a different perspective in the pool, and mostly, anything in social that leaves space for some fun and humor. :-D

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Mostly stuff about zombies, horror movies and other like material that compliments my one track mind. I also like discussions about cannibalism and other creepy real life stuff.

Silly stuff I also seem to get into lots, and questions that allow me to be all maudlin and emo and be an attention whore. When I’m drunk anyways. Which is like, just about constantly lol.

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Crap! You caught me again. It’s like you have some type of Venus Flytrap mechanism just waiting to catch a Kardamom!

I absolutely love the food questions, especially when people want vegetarian recipes or assistance with transitioning into a vegetarian diet.

I also can’t help, but try to help the young ladies, who are suffering at the hands of some douchey dude, and I like to talk to sincere and sweet young men who are trying to do the right thing by their girfriends, but some type of tragedy has befallen them and they’re having trouble finding a sensible solution. I base all of my advice in this arena, by trying to get people not to repeat my same stupid, humiliating mistakes.

I enjoy talking about music and books and movies too.

If anybody is trying to plan a party, especially a potluck, I’m your go-to gal.

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Randomly, but interesting.

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Whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time. Financial/investment stuff almost always since I have a business background in it. Political questions sometimes. Christianity questions. Relationship questions.

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Fox News bashing questions: I like to remind Flutherites that Fox is not the only evil in media.

Sarah Palin bashing questions: I like to remind Flutherites that I find it interesting that they’ll run to the defense of Lady Gaga, but not Sarah Palin, when a user is making fun of a person’s weight.

I like to point out any hypocrisy I notice. btw- I am a hypocrite, feel free to remind me when you notice.

I lurve @Hypocrisy_Central’s questions. (even though I don’t always agree with him)

I also love Meta questions, and questions about music, movies, food, the outdoors, parenting and television.

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I’m still getting to know the site and all you lovely people. I seem to like a lot of different types of questions, but I am drawn to the searching ones (what is this book/film/china?), fun ones, the ones about parenting and the language/word ones. I like the way if you’ve got a wee tidbit to offer, it is usually appreciated. I get a bit lost in the American politics and news media ones.

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Lots of different types. Fun ones as well as the more serious types of question.

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@Bellatrix Cats can be serious? Who woulda thunk it?

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I like the music questions the most as Jellies will post names and youtubes songs and I have been turned on to some really great music this way!

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