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Is it possible to restore a single folder from a time capsule?

Asked by andrew (16543points) April 27th, 2008

Here’s the catch: I want to restore it onto a DIFFERENT machine than I originally backed up—if I try running time machine, I see all the backups for THIS machine; I want to restore a folder from the OTHER machine on the time capsule.

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If the file is part of the backup from another machine, is it not still on that other machine and if so, can you not just file-share it?

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Right-click on the Time Machine icon in the Dock (or click on the icon in the menubar) and select something like ‘Search on other Time-Machine disks’ (I have a Dutch system, so I don’t know the exact English). You can then select an other disk thus an other system. (I hope)

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‘Browse Other Time Machine Disks’

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Okay, thanks for looking. :-)

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No probs….thanks for the explanation – now I learned that too (although I’m not using time machine, but still) :)

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@wildflower: The other laptop is having the motherboard replaced, which is why I’m trying to get some of my fluther settings on this machine.

Hrm. OSX mounts the backup of the current laptop I’m using, but not the backups of the other machine. klaas, do you have multiple machines backed up to the same disk? Can you verify that you can mount both machine’s backup?

I’m worried that my backups for my laptop that is broken are corrupt. Great.

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Update: I tried browsing the time capsule and then mounting the disk image of the other laptop… then… Kernal Panic! Looks like the problem the whole time was Time Capsule. Boo for Apple! Way to make a backup server that corrupts your data and crashes your machines. I just hope I don’t lose my data.

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I hope for you too. Maybe wait or a software or firmware update.

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That’s terrible… call Apple ASAP. Nobody needs to lose data.

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