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How would you pose for your own portrait or sculpture?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18976points) June 23rd, 2011

Would you prefer to pose in the nude? Would you like your essence to be captured while on top of a horse or playing a flute? What are we going to see in that frame of yours?

Which classical, romantic, impressionist, modern or abstract painter or sculptor would you want to do your portrait or statue? It could be any artist dead or alive so as to paint us a clear picture.

Please describe exactly how you want to be drawn and where would you want your artistic portrait done. : )

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I have done many self-portraits,both nude and clothed.
My favorite is a life-size,nude,¾ view from below the knees up.It has no background.I used two spotights.One overhead and to the side.The other diffused and from the side.It is done is charcoal.

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I want this done in the 19th century realist style. Or alternatively, I’d like a portrait done by Rene Magritte, who I’m sure would have put a very unique spin on it.

For a sculpture, cast this pose in bronze or copper.

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Does lying in bed naked with fruits in ‘places’ and some chocolate cream count? If so then that would be my pose ;)

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I’d pose naked. I’d be on a horse and shooting an old wooden bow.

I’m sure that Jackson Pollock would do a great interpretation of this. ;)

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An Annie Leibovitz photo would be an honor. I’d let her choose the pose.

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@lucillelucillelucille Uhm, wondering if I could take a peek on that self-portrait of yours. I do love appreciating art. Promise. : )

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When you start collecting Social Security checks, it’s a pretty good sign childhood is over.

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When I was in college, there was a local women’s college that would PAY to pose for them in their art classes.
Are you kidding me? Easy money!
Disclosure-We wore a jock, not totally naked. My friends and I dyed ours red with a happy face sticker on the… what do call that part of a jock?

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It would be neat to have myself painted in “Lady Godiva style”... naked with long flowing hair, sitting on a beautiful horse… but my middle finger would be in the air.

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If it were a sculpture, I’d like to pose just like Degas’s Little Dancer

If it were a painting, I’d want to have a simple natural pose of me cooking in the kitchen sort of like Vermeer’s Milkmaid painting.

If it were a photograph, I’d like to have a retro-glamour shot taken, similar to this very famous photo of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s complete with the false eyelashes and up-do.

But I wouldn’t mind having a family portrait done in mosaic tiles, similar to this one, which has always been a favorite of mine, of Justinian and Theodora

I wouldn’t mind having an Egyptian Style painting made with me and my SO.

Or an Egyptian Style bust of myself.

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@ETpro I have a feeling you posted your answer in the wrong thread. : )

@lucillelucillelucille Thanks for the peek. Never seen a nipple with an eye on it before.
: x

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@mazingerz88 -I got that to cover up my “Mom” tattoo.

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Don’t laugh, I am a bit eccentric. haha, laughing at myself

I commissioned a graphite/pen & ink portrait I designed, done of my Chinese goose ‘Marwyn’ a few years ago by a local artist. It fits in with my Asian eclectic theme. It is a bust of my goose, with Bamboo leaves in the background and the Chinese characters for ‘goose’. It is framed in a black laquer asian style frame with rattan matting.

NOW..I want to do a portrait of us together. Me in a flowing white gypsy skirt, with a white top, my orange Lotus blossom sandles and an orange scarf headband and earrings to match Marwyns ethereal whiteness and stunning orange beak and feet.

Okay, now you KNOW the extent of my eccentricities.

I joke that someday Marwyn’s portrait will be in a thrift store and nobody will ever know the story of the goose and his girl. haha

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@Coloma No you got me interested in an orange colored goose!

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That could be done too. My daughter is quite a good painter and she painted me a 3×5 canvas of Marwyn in caracature running over a bed of hot coals, wings spread, with a ‘silly goose’ expression, for my “Burning Goose” bash 2 summers ago. Unfortunetley we had a brief T-storm in July and Marwyn melted a bit on party night, hanging off a big Oak tree in my yard, but not enough to ruin his portrait. lol

” Burning Goose” was a parody of ” Burning Man” festival…it was great fun and Marwyn was “goose of honor”. He really worked the party, loved the crowd and live music and was a big hit, as long as the french bread kept coming his way. haha

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I would pose nude draped with sheer lace accenting in just the right places…..

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I would pose reclining on a piece of silk with my face up and eyes closed leaning back on my elbow like I’m in the sun.

Or a sculpture scantily clad in sexy battle gear on the back of a horse in full gallop with a huge sword in my hand. I’d have my teeth bared and so would the horse.

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I would be nude except in Kevlar battle gear that would only partially cover up my “Dad” and ” “Son” tatoo’s riding an armor clad Stallion with a BOOM STICK raised high above my head!

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I want Miro to do my portrait and I really don’t think it would matter if I posed or not!

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But wait…you did not share your portrait/sculpture.
I see you in Calvary boots and fringed gloves naked on a rearing war horse, but nix the Teddy moustache. lolol

I have real deer skin Calvary gloves with fringe, I used to look hot riding my studly little horse Budge! haha

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@Cruiser for a second there when reading the Broom Stick in all caps like that I was expecting it to say up my ass but you fooled me lol!!!

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@creative1 You may want to re-read it unless your broom is made by Remington!! ;)

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Curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a cat in my lap, probably asleep with a book falling out of my hand.

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In the interest of respecting the general tastes of this society, I would not expose them to even the most artistic representation of my body in the nude.

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the thinker comes to mind

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@blueiiznh Better the Thinker than the Stinker : )

@Coloma, it must be late. I thought you last sentence mentioned something about having your deer skin gloves in the fridge. I guess it beats keeping them in the frizzer.

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Ooh, a sculpture with yours truly wearing nothing but a proud erection & a gormless grin.
It could be mounted on a plinth outside the houses of parliament….would piss Churchill off no end.

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Nude, holding a strategically-place chocolate chip cookie.

::ahem::, jumbo cookie that is.

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I would like to be painted Renoir style. I would be wearing big eyeglasses as I face the window, proud chin tilting up, passionate sparkling eyes gazing on the horizon where the great land of Russia seems to challenge and wear me down to submission. Yet I stand there with my great American body, straight and tall and with a clenched fist silently muttering, “I can see you Russia, I can see you from my window.” : )

( Hey, Renoir, where are you going with your oil brushes? Come back here this instant! Don’t let me call Pikachu or Picasshole or whatever his name is! )

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@mazingerz88 Oh my. You are so right. I meant to click the link next to this one, about “When do you know your childhood is gone?” And I was wondering why my answer never showed up in that thread. :-)

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I posed for my artist mom until I got self conscious about it. One of her paintings of me was shown at the Ohio State Fair way back when. I was happy I didn’t live in Ohio.

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