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How much has your style evolved over the years?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26839points) June 23rd, 2011

This is sort of inspired by my previous question, since I started digging through old photos of myself. Looking at pics over the years (and in many cases, months), I look like a completely different person. I changed my hairstyle, hair color, sometimes I’m tan, sometimes I’m ghastly pale, etc etc. I have been like a human chameleon over the last 15 years.
How often do you change your “look?”
Have you had a tried and true for a long time now, or do you frequently change it up?
How much do you express yourself through your style of dress?

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Oh man! My style has changed like crazy. Before I was interested in fashion but I didn’t know how to look good on a budget. Then I started watching videos on Youtube and then it turned into me making videos and getting subscribers. My style changed quite a lot because of watching all these “outfit of the day” (ootd) videos. I am so thankful to the Youtube community.
Then back in August of 2010 I moved to Denmark and was there up until Christmas time. From there seeing all these kids in school dressed in high fashion brands, on the streets…. sometimes when I see people who are dressed really nice and stylish I try to stop them and ask them if I could take a few snapshots of them for my blog but I guess I am too shy to do so. Anyway my point is that travelling and seeing other people how they dress got me inspired to keep track of how I dress and what I dress.

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I’ve had the same long, golden locks for the past 19 years. Haven’t changed much, I guess.

Maybe that’s why I’m still asked for an identification card when I buy beer, and I’m 40. Only the small local liquor stores that know me by name don’t card me. ;)

Clothes have always been the same. Ready for outdoor activities.

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@jonsblond you have a really youthful face, too. I would totally card you. ;)

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My look has changed a lot from middle school (when I first became self aware of my ability to express myself through my appearance) to high school to college to now.

I went through a pseudo-poppunk stage late in middle school. I couldn’t afford the stuff from Pac Sun and Hot Topic that the other “punk” kids were wearing, so I made my own clothes, which in essence, made me a million times more punk than any of them, in a sense. I also made a lot of my own jewelry because I envied the kids who could afford the fancy leather wrist bands and stuff (I also really wanted the attention of a punk girl at the time. She’s still my best friend to this day and we laugh about the silly phase that brought us together).

By my freshman year in highschool, I maintained my punk streak, but I was much more subtle. I would wear bright colors, but also a Misfits or AFI button or two just about every day. My hair was short at this point.

By junior year of high school, I was wearing jeans pretty much every day, and generic t shirts and these shoes which my girlfriend hated. This is also when I let my hair get really long.

By my freshman year of college, I whacked off all my hair, started keeping my sideburns (that I still maintain to this day) and adopted a sort of steampunk style.

During my sophomore year of college, I started dressing somewhat conservatively again, and I let my hair get a bit long again, though nowhere nearly as long as it was. This is also when I started wearing my now standard fare of jeans and a plaid button up with either adidas shoes or brown riding boots. This is when I started wearing my Indiana Jones hat more often with big sunglasses, and I kind of looked like a cowboy.

This past year, I started wearing pretty much anything, but I grew out my beard and started wearing a bandanna around my neck a lot for some reason.

I’ve started adopting a rockabilly look lately. I still wear my plaid button ups, only now I have stopped wearing an undershirt and I leave the first two buttons undone to show off my awesomely hairy chest. I either wear my regular glasses (black plastic hipster frames) or women’s fake Ray Bans from Target (because I like the patterns on them) all the time now, and I still wear my Indiana Jones hat from time to time. I still wear my boots or adidas, but every now and then, I’ll wear my Misfits shoes that I recently found under my bed. Hair-wise, I rock a faux hawk a lot of the time, but I also do the slick back thing when it strikes my fancy. I ditched the beard. I like it better in the winter. (Speaking of winter, I always wear a scarf, black leather gloves, and a Swiss military officer’s jacket).

Looking back, I’ve come to realize that my style now is sort of a conglomeration of every style I’ve ever had, and it really is true that I use my appearance to express myself. Who knows what I will do with my appearance next?

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Extra credit for including photos.

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I do not change my look that often since I do not need to impress people or just to be remarked. As a youngster I needed that but now there’s no point.

Though the style went from extravagant to ” I better not draw attention upon myself ”.

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Jon and I then (1991).

Jon and I most recent (though Jon has tons of facial hair now)


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@jonsblond you guys are cute as hell.

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I wouldn’t be caught dead now in a pair of skin tight, pin stripe jeans & a Frankie Says “Relax.” tee-shirt.
Style is temporary, class is permanent ;¬}

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Not much for me as of yet, just jeans and T-shirts. Sweatshirts when it gets chilly, more sweatshirts when it becomes cold. (I hate wearing jackets)
Some accessories have changed, leather wristbands came and went, along with wearing a headphone splitter with a double ended wire in both it’s open jacks around my neck. And my favorite pair of sunglasses broke, with very round frames that I liked a lot, but what do you expect from the dollar store?

Now it’s just a wire that is meant to hold a tiny media-player around my neck, with the magnifying glass my uncle Dave used in airport security affixed to the end. It folds into itself, so the first guess people usually have is that it’s a whistle.

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The only real change in style for me has been my weight and my hair has grey in it.

I think a lot of men settle on a style in their early twenties, and they stick with that forever. I see men in their early forties still wearing baggy jeans and backwards baseball caps, or Henley style buttoned crew neck t shirts with a thermal underwear shirt underneath. They’ve found a style and by god they’re going to stick to that.

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As a kid, I had a side-part, wore large glasses, and had a distinct lack of athleticism. As a teen, I let my hair hang where it fell, grew it long enough to brush my eyelids, avoided any formality in my clothing, and managed to work with my lack of coordination so I was half-decent at sports. Now, in my 20s, I keep my hair medium length, dress well but with minimal effort (I rarely pull out my suit), interact with people with a hell of a lot more confidence, and am now athletic enough to hold my own against more experienced people in my martial arts training. I regard my past with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment, but I like to think it is onwards and upwards from here.

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My style hasn’t evolved much. I pretty much just wear old band t-shirts and jeans, as I have for years and years. Thank God I got over those horrible baggy, Hot Topic, bondage pants though. Ugh. What was I thinking?!

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Shorter hair and more styling gel. Same badass attitude.

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All through secondary school (high school) I was known as a bit of a hippy when it came to dress sense. Everything was flowing, flowery, plaited etc

Thankfully I came out of that phase and now I am more rock/biker chick.

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When I was a child, all my clothes were pink pink pink. I’d also wear headbands (pink, white, etc.)
I think I looked like a fat friend of Barbie (but with brown hair).

Now, I wear band t-shirts, jeans, and the rest of my clothes are black. (and I’m not fat anymore. I think)

I try not to remember how I was

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My hair has been all lengths and colours over the years. Those of you with whom I’m friends on Facebook can see some evidence in my profile pictures, though a lot of the fun happened in the pre-Facebook years. In the past few years I’ve started to wear more clothing designed for women – for a long time, the only women’s clothing I’d wear besides underwear and shoes was the occasional skirt or dress. My style has calmed down a little, but now that I’m in the T-dot and have a lot more access to different stores and products that aren’t generally stocked up north (hair dyes, for one) I’m drifting a little more back into the traditional gutterpunk style, but lots classier. It’s hard to describe. Wait a couple of months until my sister’s wedding has passed and I cut my hair. We’ll see what happens.

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I’ve gone from geeky (big round glasses and striped polos) to punk (huge pants, black shirts) to preppy (button down shirts and K-Swiss shoes) to more grown up and modern.

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I’m a chameleon, reptile-like that sheds skin…just like you. Over the years, the only constant is change. I’ve changed my hair a million times from long to short to dark to light to dreads to braids, etc. I’ve had phases when I had piercings everywhere (miss a lot of them), times without tattoos and times with more and more tattoos. As far as clothing, when I was a kid, Mom liked to dress me up like an adult woman (European dresses, brooches, etc.) – when I came to America, I had hand-me-downs and none of my clothes were ‘cool’ or ‘in fashion’. As a teenager, I used to dress in very revealing tight clothing, lots of make up, etc. In college, I went for comfy or flowy skirts. Later on, I went for men’s clothing which is kind of where I am right now but I can have many different looks.

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It has changed from awfully disgusting to quite pleasant, I think. I remember wearing thick glasses with a ponytail and being laughed at by girls. :)

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@FutureMemory thanks! They are super comfortable too. No sense in letting them rot under my bed.

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I was born with a popped collar.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir actually, I thought of you when I asked this question. You are one of the only people that I can think of off the top of my head that can rival the number of looks I’ve attempted in my lifetime…. so far. ;)

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In my earlier teenage years, I was about as goth looking as you could get. I had my jet black hair with purple stripes, I wore Tripp pants every day along with my choice of some satanic metal band t-shirt.

In high school, I started looking slightly punk-ish. Those were the years where I really got into bands like the Dead Kennedys and The Misfits and select others. I’d wear super skinny jeans, black vans slip-ons, tons of wristbands, and always carried my drumsticks around!

Now that I’m in college, I look tons different. I wear a lot of plaid or band t-shirts, skinny or regular cut jeans, and sometimes I’ll slip into something vintage. I really like to wear vintage dresses now.

I have changed sooooo much.

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@ucme – I could totally get away with that look today.That’s very cool here.* I didn’t wear it then, though. I’m more or less preppy, but I mix in the preppy gear with other things, which I only started doing a few years ago.

*OK, it’s cool in WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn, but whatever.

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I was born with M.C. Hammer pants.

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I’m no fashionista by any stretch of the imagination but I did once upon a time wear stretch jeans… the tighter the better. I also went through The Denim & leather head banger stage, studded belts & bullet belts.. Now it’s just jeans & T-shirts or shorts & a T-shirt, depending on the weather I might have a zippy top on :-/ still got the leather pants somewhere but I doubt I could get into them now Lol……. :-o

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