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Isn't it refreshing when somebody in Government actually gets it right?

Asked by josie (30931points) June 25th, 2011

The War Powers act puts a check on the CINC, the president. The president has to get approval or a Declaration of War from Congress if the military is engaged for 60 days, plus 30 to get out. The US, using NATO surrogates, has been dithering in Libya for the designated time.
The House of Reps has denied authorization.
It is nice when they get it right.

For the purpose of contrast-The Israelis were surrounded and took down multiple enemies in 6 days!
NATO (the US in disguise) has been screwing around for months against a rabble of an army plagued with desertions.
My point, risking being crude, is shit or get off the pot.

Good job Congress.

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I resent your belittling the other 27 member states of NATO.

And I don’t find Congress’s decision refreshing. More a sign of desperation because of the national debt.

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@josie, please clarify your point. By “risking being crude,” do you mean NATO should risk killing many more Libyan civilians? Do you mean NATO should mount a ground invasion?

I also fail to see what on earth the 6 day war has to do with Libya, beyond the fact that they both entail killing Arabs with Western military hardware.

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@bkcunningham, Charles Krauthammer should be torn apart by wolves.

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Come on @Qingu, how do you really feel about Krauthammer?

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If I may, I’d like to add something here that I hope doesn’t take the original question too far off base. @Qingu, I respect your opinion. I added a comment to your response that I thought was cute. But now, I regret doing that because in reality, I’d like to know why you made the comment about Krauthammer.

My point is, I don’t always agree with Krauthammer; but I do respect his opinion and he makes me think. The same goes for you @Qingu. I don’t always agree with you; but I do respect your opinion. Teach me something here. Why did you make that comment about Krauthammer. And, I’m being serious.

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It is amazing that someone who was so wrong on so many levels about pretty much everything he has pundited about has the tenacity to participate in the public debate. This is the fucker who cheerleaded every aspect of our failure in Iraq while constantly defending torture for whatever reason.

I had ignored him for years until I happened upon this article, where he claims our ability to send SF to kill bin Laden was because of
• Bush’s decision to invade and occupy Iraq
• Waterboarding Khalid Shiek Mohammad

Even if either of those things were remotely true, this would be an “ends justify the means” Machivellian-style evil argument. The fact that both of these claims are utter horseshit means that Krauthammer is either delusionally evil or is consciously lying to give credence to his evil views.

I honestly would be happy if he died.

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That is my argument for Jesus. Funny, but true. Anyway, I’ve seen the Waterboarding arguements. Sound sound to me. I don’t know about the Bush thing. Don’t get carried away with conspiracy theories my friend.

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What waterboarding arguments sound “sound” to you?

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Just the action itself. What exactly is the definition of “waterboarding?” I mean, what, you blindfold someone, tie their hands behind their back or in front of them and hold them back while water runs into their face? Heck, I love doing that. That isn’t so bad. I could tell you about torture. That aint’ nuttin’...

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@bkcunningham, why don’t you try waterboarding yourself and then come back and tell me that it’s not torture.

Christopher Hitchens did:

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@bkcunningham I can imagine that it would be terrifying. Like being drowned, over and over again, and pulled out at the last minute, over and over again.

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