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I told my ex if he proposed to me on the big screen at the baseball game I’d say no. He said good thing I told him because that’s what he was planning.

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My guy proposed during a New Year’s Eve dinner with our parents. We took the parents out to one of our favorite restaurants and his mother pulled out a cookie tin to show us a little project she’d made to share with us all for the New Year. There were several homemade fortune cookies and she handed one to each of us so I didn’t think anything except, “cute”.

While everyone else is opening theirs and laughing about the paper fortune sayings, my guy’s mothers asks me to read what mine says… “you will be very happy if you marry so-and-so”. I look over to show my guy and he’s already down one of his bad knees beside our table with a ring in hand. Turns out everyone knew what was going to happen except me and I’m the one who plans the holidays dinners!

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I bought my ex an expensive purse for Christmas, inside it I put a note asking her to marry me.

She said yes, then went and pulled a half dozen bride’s magazines from where she’d hidden them.

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It wasn’t a surprise, we planned it. He proposed in our kitchen, while I was sitting on the counter in my pajamas. I cried even though I knew it was coming. :)

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We were talking about this with friends last night. Not only did I never really date, but there was no truly specific moment of proposal to my wife. I told her after about a month of knowing her that I wanted to marry her. About a year later, over a meal of artichokes, cheese rice and baked chicken she looked at me with a speculative gaze and said, “Yes!” Or rather, she said, “I think I will marry you.” A year later the deed was done.

Kind of a slow motion proposal. Later on, we had our rings made to a design of our own. They move in all three dimensions; not just two like most rings. It was funny because although this was an idea I had, when we got to the jeweler, he said he had been thinking about the same thing. Our order gave him an excuse to exercise his vision (and mine).

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We talked about it in advance. He said that, on my birthday, he would pull me aside (his parents would be staying with us), and we’d have a bit of a chat. That never happened. When we awoke, he handed me a gift bag. Inside was a small box and a beautiful card. And inside the box was a ring. When the card was read and he explained why he chose the nontraditional engagement ring, that was all that needed to be said. For me, this was perfect, and he couldn’t have done any better.

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I was considering asking my ex to marry me. I couldn’t figure out how to do it though because we had both agreed early on that marriage is stupid. I’m glad i didn’t because he ended up dumping me.

I’ve always wanted someone to propose to me using one of those electric signboards they use to warn you about construction

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We’d had a lovely evening with dinner and a jazz club. We were in my kitchen lit by a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling when he asked me. I said yes, but asked him to ask me again in daylight. He did, the next day, but was puzzled as to why I thought it was necessary. I explained that I wanted to be asked when I had a clear view and no alcohol. I was looking for a straight out, solid, everyday commitment. I knew I had it, but wanted reassurance.

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I would be totally happy with this though

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If my boyfriend used these guys to help him propose I’d say yes in a heartbeat.

I’m a geek what can I say.

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My wife is the only woman in my entire life who proposed to me first! I had come to see her in Texas, riding my Harley from North Carolina, and was getting ready to leave. She stood right in front of me and looked at me with those big, green eyes of hers. I swear there were no barriers between us… none! It felt as though I could see into her soul. She said, “Well… do you see any reason why we can’t get married?”

My mind went into overdrive, trying to find an objection! Finally I looked at her and smiled. “No,” I said, “Ican’t think of a one!” : )

I rode back to NC, sold what I could, gave away a lot, and kept what I thought we would need. Then I packed it all in a U-Hual truck, put my car on a car-carried behind the truck, and left for Texas. : ))

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I wasn’t proposed to, really. I got tired of the specter of “not good enough” hanging over my shoulder. I was going to be starting a new job soon and decided that if it wasn’t going to happen, I wanted to know so that I could move forward. I didn’t want to go, but if I wasn’t worthy, I sure didn’t want to be there. Anyway, one Saturday evening I sucked up my courage and said, “I need to know what – if anything- you have planned for us so that I can make plans for me.” He was startled and a little saddened when he told me that he did want to marry me had been trying to figure out a really nice, romantic way to propose. I told him that that was nice, but I don’t need that kind of thing. He felt bad, but I just didn’t know what was in his head regarding us, so I had to ask. We talked it through and that was how the decision was made.

The next morning as I was making coffee, he tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned he said, “Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes and gave him a hug.

And some days, when I’m having a big old pity-party, I still feel bad that I never really got proposed to.

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My husband came in at 3pm and said its the third of the third of the third [03/03/2003]. Will you marry me? I had been waiting and wondering if he was ever going to ask, and I would never have picked that moment… and I have never forgotten it either!

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I would like to be proposed to on a huge mountain.

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i proposed then i shot them unlucky for me they survived!!!!

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I said, “Marry me, bitch!” She said, “Yeah.”

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Thanks for replies ^^

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