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Do you agree with this : " You can love a lot of people in this world but there's only one person that you love the most. " ?

Asked by Hibernate (9091points) July 29th, 2011

” You can love a lot of people in this world but there’s only one person that you love the most. ”

I heard it on several occasions.
But how do you know which person you love the most when you’re confused by chemical messages traveling through your limbic system?

Some say you just do. What do you think?

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When I broke up with my 1st boyfriend I was a limbo for years, I thought I wouldn’t find anyone and he was the only one I loved the most. But a few years later, I met my ex, and I had the same thought again. A few months ago, my 1st ever boyfriend added me on FB, at that point, I know someone I loved the most is not the one I love the most now.

So my motto is to live today and future, love the one is here now not the past.

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Yes there is only one and that is you! You will be smitten by many tha t make you laugh and feel sexy but you have to love youself first and foremost in order for any relationship can ever work long term.

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I do love myself, I treat myself well.

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There is only one person you love the most at any given time.

The girl I loved the most 25 years ago, who I wanted to marry, is not who I love the most now.

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You will know when he or she comes along.. I knew that i was going to marry my guy when I got roses for no reason what so ever and we get along all most perfectly. Like any normal couple there will be arguments but it’s rare.

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Well I can agree with it so far…But not at the same time. You may love you wife, but the kids too, couldn’t decide with either I would love both unconditionally. But right now I’m in love with a girl and she’s the one I love the most

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Love’s too little a word for such a big and varied emotion. I love many people at the same time but in different ways. Some I love more than others, and some I love even though I logically should not. I agree with @Cruiser that we should love ourselves, but if not above every one else, at least as strongly as we love the person we love the strongest.

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There is probably one you love the most at any given time, but I don’t think there’s only one person for you to love the most for all your life. And don’t let your hormones confuse you about your feelings.

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It’s hard to decide who you love the “most.” In my opinion, love is love. and there aren’t varying levels of it. I love some people as friends and some people as family, and if it came down to it, I couldn’t decide which is I loved more because both are so important; you can’t have just one kind of love.

Love in a relationship is somewhat different. I feel as if a lot of relationships are built on something other than love, even though there are clearly many exceptions to this. I’ve had relationships based on lust and some on a need for companionship. Relationships like those never last, and only time can tell if it’s real emotion or not.

Basically, the person you love the most will change with your environment, but you know if you love someone when you would do anything in your power to help that person and that feeling doesn’t go away under any circumstances.

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I can love the most of a few people in my life in different levels and in different space…

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I do think someone can stand out to you and you have deeper feelings than with others. I have a best friend of all time.

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Meh…don’t really know. Don’t even know why I answered this question. Anyone for a beer?

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On second thought, I do remember when my wife ran off with by best friend, And I sure miss him.

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