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Do you like music in the background, and what is its source?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) June 26th, 2011

Do you just have music streaming from your PC/laptop while fluthering? Maybe you are on your iPhone on the subway now and listening to your music on it, too? Are you at home, with the TV on?

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What’s playing now as you write here on this thread?

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I lurve music playing in the background when I’m at home and using the computer but most of the time I get to fluther, it’s at work and we have the tortuous 1980’s satellite radio thing going.

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Got Vh1 on – Bruno Mars grenade, followed by Adele and now Celine “A new day has come”.

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I freak out in silence. Like I wake up to people screaming my name when I sleep. Yes, it is pretty fucked up. So I have to keep something on in the background, either tv or music works. Fight now I am listening to Blue Scholars.

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At home not very often, although when I do a big clean I tend to put on music. I do like it in the background at the grocery store, clothes shopping, and when I drive. I hate when it is too loud at restaurants, sometimes in that situation as background it is ok, but so many restaurants are so noisy to begin with. I like music while on hold on the phone, so I know the line has not disconnected.

Right now my TV is on in the background.

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I like silence most of the time. Every now and again I’ll listen to music at home, but the major exception is highway driving. When I’m alone in the car and on a highway, I rock out.

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Silence is golden. Nothing in the background ever, unless it’s a football or baseball game, whether I’m watching it or not. Unless the ballgame is streaming from the ESPN “soap opera”, which handily obviates the ball game and puts the Soap Opera front and center. Then I turn it off. When driving, never music, almost always an audiobook, which I have really come to love. But that’s not background. That’s front and center.

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I usually listen to music while doing a lot of my things .. silence is good but not all the time.

[ placebo – running up that hill ]

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I listen to Pandora most of the time I am on the internet. But my forty free hours a month is sadly coming to an abrupt end, so I either have to wait for next month or whip out the credit card.

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Youtube, Pandora,
Right now I’m listening to the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack.

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I often have the TV on. Right now I am watching Masterchef…. or I might have the music channel on OR I might play music through the Xbox or through my lappy. Just bought a digital radio for in the kitchen.

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I’d rather have the television in the background, but my SO loves to have music, so we do that. Yay, compromise. I have all three of Res’ albums playing, and right now, it’s Not a Pretender. Sidenote: I love this woman’s music!

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@Facade the compromise would be sometimes TV sometimes music. Your way, he simply gets his way.

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@JLeslie True, but since we don’t actually have cable or anything, I can’t get what would please me most anyway. Plus, it means a lot to him, so it’s fine. I like music too =)

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I almost always have music on as I rarely watch tv or movies anymore.
Right now,I have on Frank Zappa “Joe’s Garage” CD but will listen to the radio or put the MP3 and headphones on when gardening or out for a bikeride.
Last night was blues in the bathtub.Now that is relaxing:)

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I love music in the car and whilst doing housework/cooking/homework.

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Pandora at work and MP3 in the car! Would not have been able to stay sane driving 5 hours up and five hours back in one day having to drop the kid at scout camp without that MP3 player

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It’s the Wimbledon crowds that make my background sound at the moment.

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@jailbait They are finished now.

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@rebbel I know that lol!
I was just expressing my lurve for your response ;)

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Cheb I Sabbah radio on Pandora, I was listening to Chopin earlier.

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I want silence at all times, fore I am angry and sad, but my sick computer’s disturbing sounds demand denial, and so, Viking music.

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@Hibernate Some of their lyrics can sometimes be dumb, but they sure got the music down. I love the Celtic authenticity they go at. :)

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Can’t say they are dumb .. it’s just the way they express themselves. [ just like others express different ]

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Well yea, no? It’s just my opinion, I ain’t saying it’s a fact, I just don’t bite into it that much. Whatever it means to you, me, them, or anyone else, I still love those fuckers and their music lol.

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