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Does anyone know the name of this book?

Asked by zahava85 (131points) April 28th, 2008

I can’t remember the title, but it is about 3 sisters and it is a fantasy novel. They all have talismans (I think!) and have to overcome all these dangerous obstacles to save…something! I read this book as a 12 year old and would love to re-visit the story, except I can’t remember the title!

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Was this book read as part of some required reading during your elementary school years?

If so, then perhaps one of your former teachers might remember the title or author of the book, or at least help you to recall the title.

One of the very best people to consult, regarding this kind of a problem, depending on the size of the community in which you live, is the head librarian of the “Children’s Section” of your community public library.

If they have been doing their job for several years, they probably have encountered that book, simply because other 12-year-olds have either read it themselves, or have inquired about it.

The reason I know this can work, is I remembered a story from my own youth, about this Chinese man who was able to swallow all of the water on Planet Earth. That was all I could remember, and the librarian in the “Kid’s Section” of my public library said, “You’re talking about ‘The Five Chinese Brothers’.”

She was right. These gals (usually female) know everything about what kids read.

Give them an in-person visit, for best results.

August 24, 2008, 9:23 AM EDT

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