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Boring question #91: What are ”weekend things”?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26866points) July 1st, 2011

Lately a hardware store’s campaign alludes that if you can find your home improvement gear quicker you will get your projects and ”honey do” list done quicker so you can spend your weekend doing ”week end” things. What are these ”weekend things”? Woudn’t that change depending on income level? Would a CEO really have to worry about losing his/her weekend fixing the garbage disposal. Would a millionaire athlete not be able to take the boat out on Wed. instead of Sat. if he/she wanted? Would a billionaire entrepreneur really have to wait until the weekend to on a two-day fishing trip? What could the jobless poor do on the weekend they could not do on Tue.? These ”weekend things” are what for whom?

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Baby bibs with Saturday & Sunday written on them?
My kids used to wear those a lot. Sometimes they’d wear them on a Tuesday or Thursday if we were feeling rebellious….uh huh, that’s what i’m talkin about!

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Weekend things are for the average every day people ..usually the ones who work from Monday to Friday. Average every day people are the largest television audience, which is why the commercials are catering to their possible needs/wants.
Weekend things include seasonal chores, sleeping in, and practically anything that people enjoy doing with their leisure time.

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Weekend things = Staying in your jammies til noon.

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People generally work no matter what their income level is. Could they do weekend things during the week? Yes, but they are not likely to.

Weekend things include sleeping in, having complicated recipes for breakfast (French toast) or dinner (cooking out), going for drives or to parks, going swimming, playing golf (which takes several hours), etc.

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The only weekend things that I have are hanging out in my pajamas and having waffles on Sunday.

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It means doing some real drinking as opposed to the during the week drunks that are there to keep the DTs away.

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I doubt if the hardware store’s market includes millionaires and billionaires. They probably hire somebody to do that kind of stuff, which is good, because there aren’t that many jobs out there anyway.

The hardware store is marketing to less wealthy people who work during the week but still have to tend to their property, so it gets put off to the weekend. The phrase “weekend things” is a sort of propaganda to make you think that you really should only sit around, drink and cook out, play golf and sleep on weekends (not that there is anything wrong with that).
The whole premise may be incorrect. Not too many other critters stop everything and get soft on the weekend. Zebras are afraid of lions seven days a week.

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Weekend things = having enough time to write fluther answers in iambic pentameter.

I sit at home and bite my nails alot
It is a nasty thing, I know, but wot’s
A girl to do with too much time and not
A job to do or food to cook because it’s too damn hot (poetic license.)

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What are weekend things? I have no idea what home projects are! I haven’t cleaned or fixed anything around here in ages. Instead I spend the weekend hiking, biking, fishing, painting outside, going to museums, going to outdoor concerts, having barbecues, and going dancing. When I’m an old lady, I’m not going to look back and wished I had fixed the garbage disposal.

Um… weekend things= also fluthering in my jammies while drinking wine and eating ice cream. But I’d still rather do that than fixing/cleaning.

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Truth is I just can’t sit still and no matter how much money I will ever make I will still do the weekend things I always have done. I will be futzing in my garden, cutting the grass, building a shed door, changing a faucet and jammin my guitar….weekend things I live to do!

Butt I work too damn hard to not sit on my butt for at least part of the weekend. ;))

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Sleeping, drinking, and dancing. ;)


Weekend things are for those white-collared guys who mow the lawn in their middle-class neighbourhoods, take their children and wives out for a weekend trip at the lake, fix the odd leaky faucet in their homes and work on their family Buicks and Volvos, and shine their shoes for the upcoming Monday at the office. Lol.

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@melissamorenosexy No need to be yelling…...all caps are hard for me to read at least….

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