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Is it a good idea to join a multi-level/network marketing group?

Asked by nikkiduq (551points) July 1st, 2011

I honestly do not know much about how it works. I only know the basics. I have to admit that I’m biased because I quickly associate these groups with scams, dishonest business, manipulation, etc. They tell you want you want to hear, and promise that joining them will make you rich. Also, their products are substandard (high price, there are better products out there than theirs, etc.) So, could someone tell me the good and the ugly sides of multi-level/network marketing?

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I answered a related question a few weeks ago.
You might find the answer helpful.

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It is a bad idea, and there is no good side to it at all.

Every hear of pyramid schemes? Network marketing is just pyramid schemes dressed up a little different so they can only just border on legal and do their business. When pyramid schemes were made illegal, the term network marketing was coined.

Network marketing, multi-level network marketing, and all other such terms are basically scams. You basically scam people in to thinking that buying cheap and poorly made stuff from you at a high price is a kin to a job, and that buying all this cheap shit that no one anywhere would ever want ever, will make you rich.

These so called businesses usually have a theme, so that they can try and convince you that they have something that is in high demand in one demographic or another, but if you give it any thought at all, you soon see no one will ever buy it.

I would offer anyone here the following challenge…

You start working for a multi level network company, and I will start collecting aluminium cans and bits of copper wire from old electrical stuff, and I bet you anything you like, that the first week you will earn more than me, by selling some junk to friends and family, but every week after that, I will show a profit and you will show a loss or no change.

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No, no, no. Don’t get sucked in.

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You have listed them all yourself. One I might add is that they tend to alienate your friends, relatives, and acquaintances, because who else are you going to sell to?

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Thank you for your answers. I thought I’d get at least one answer telling me that it has its advantages. Well, I was invited to join a 6-months old multi-level marketing group and I don’t have good feeling about it. I’ve never been attracted to this kind of business in the first place. Also, I find it ridiculous that when they gave me an orientation, they presented all these big international business tycoons and related them with how I could possibly succeed as well, IF I decided to join their group. :D

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The only people who get rich in MLM are those who start it and maybe a few rungs down. Six months? Unless the product is really huge, there’s probably little chance for you to make any money back.

Besides, while it may be legal, it’s unethical. Don’t do it.

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@nikkiduq Follow your gut. If you have bad vibes about it…RUN, don’t walk, in the opposite direction.

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