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What animal does this skeleton belong to?

Asked by susanc (16134points) July 2nd, 2011

Someone brought me a found skeleton. No legs, no skull, bones clean, porous with age, pale grey. About the size of a cocker spaniel. Long tail. Chunky bones. The mystery: besides ribs on each side of the body extending off the spine, there’s a row of at least twelve big serious bones sticking straight up, starting at the neck and extending backward before they peter out and the spine turns to tail. What on earth?

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Can you post a picture?
Without a visual impossible to say.

What geographic location was the skeleton found in?
North America, other continents, countries?

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Going out to take a picture now.

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Where did they find it?

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Bones sticking up on spine could be dog, deer, really do need a picture . . .

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That particular area of bone is called a spinous process, and some animals with strong back muscles have pretty long ones (look above the shoulders of this cat, for example.). Let us know when you have a picture, and don’t forget to tell us where these bones are from.

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