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As a child, were you ever told a lie by a sibling or friend to terrify you?

Asked by athenasgriffin (5974points) July 2nd, 2011

As a child, my older cousin convinced me that the evil witch from Snow White could see me through the water in the toilet. The only way to disturb her visions was to flush, frequently. Me, being an impressionable five year old, believed him. My mother was convinced I had gone crazy, because I would go a little bit, flush, go a little bit, flush, and on. This lasted for weeks, until I finally told her about the witch in the toilet. She assumed a very serious expression and went about “banishing” the witch from the toilet.

Has anyone had a similar mean older kid who told them a joke like this?

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I was the older sibling who told the lies. My favorite tool was the Ouija Board, and realizing Parker Brothers had the market share on the underworld, I found it too irresistible to use it on my younger siblings and cousins, spelling out for them letter by letter that they would be in danger soon, or that a man was stalking them…

I mentally abused every younger child in my family. I’m very proud of that.

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Two older sisters = constant terror. There were too many incidents to count. I still have a physical scar or two.

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My elder brother told me if I didn’t go to sleep before midnight the boogeyman would come calling. It did the trick, I found out later in life of course, that this was actually a crock.
I got him back though, in oh so many ways.

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I was the oldest sister. It was my job to toughen them up.

Let me just say that I did my job well, because I wouldn’t mess with either of them now. Those girls are tough as nails. ;)

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Yeah, Madame Frankenstein, how do you like your monsters? Speaking from the monster’s point of view…

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I’m the oldest. It’s me that usually tells em the scary stories…

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Wow! It really makes me glad we lived next door to a nice older couple. I was gold that a telephone pole outside was the home of the “telephone pole man” and he loved me and would protect me.

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Yeah . We all were scared by the midged living in the clock . It was a huge clock for the wall and until the age of 5 we were scared of him .

@jailbait I’m sure you have [ had ] older friends ^^
@RealEyesRealizeRealLies you too

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My cousins would just get me to do stupid things. “put salt in your eye, it feels really cool!”

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@redfeather Oh my goodness! You poor thing. That’s a horrible thing to make someone do.

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At age six or seven, my older brother would tell me that there was a monster under my bed… if I put the light on when I went to the loo in the middle of the night, the monster would grab me & drag me under the bed to be eaten……. Well, one night I did turn on the light while I went to the loo & as soon as I flushed the loo, the light went out…. Terrified I ran back to my bed, vaulting the last couple of feet or so to escape the monsters clutches. However it was a futile leap… In the darkness my brother had hid under my bed & laid wait for me. He got me just as I leapt & I screamed the house down. Good job I’d just been to the loo :-/

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When I was a kid there was a house in the village with very high, thick hedges round the property, so thick you couldn’t see the house itself. Local kids spread rumours that a witch lived there. I used to cross the road to avoid walking past those hedges, in case something jumped out at me.

I later found out that the man who actually did live there was a recluse and an alcoholic.

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I was the oldest, so I suppose most of the scary-story stuff came from me.

I remember once my second oldest sister and I perpetrated a scare on our little sister. Sister two hid under the bed, whilst I told very frightening tales to sister number three. Number two made appropriate noises. Number three wouldn’t sleep by herself for a pretty long time.

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@downtide When I was five or six I used to walk to school and one of the other pupils said a witch lived in one of the streets on the way. I could see her point as the street was a bit gloomy looking so I always took a different road. To this day that street appears dark and sinister to me.

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My sisters always told me that I was going to be kidnapped by a serial killer when I was about 4 years old. They’d tell me stories about Andrei Chikatilo to freak me out.

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@KatetheGreat bahahaha, my mom used to try to scare me with Chikatilo stories, too. Seriously.

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I was the meanie. When I had to wear glasses to correct a vision problem (crossed eye), my younger brother and sister wanted glasses too. I told them the doctor had to take out your eyes and lay them on a table to examine them. Needless to say they didn’t want glasses after that. That was mild compared to some of the other stories I would tell them. tehehehe

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There was a house down the block where an old lady lived. We kids thought she was a witch because such weird noises came from her back yard. I’d run by her house so as not to be caught. When I was older I realized it was a crow she had as a pet.

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My cousin would tell me some girl or other down the block was looking to “kick my ass because you’re so stuck up”. This always happened after report cards came in and he’d get smacked for his horrible grades. It was his way of paying me back for showing him up. At least that how he seemed to see it. I figured out he was full of crap around 3rd grade.

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My cousins, Erikah and Morgan, STILL insist they saw that baby doll get up and walk around… Which is pathetic, because they’re adults now. They’re probably just crazy.

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Haha. Saydah… You stole my answer.
My sisters are convinced the doll under my bed, when I was five, got up and walked.
They still insist it happened.

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@Sunny2 isn’t keeping a crow as a pet a very witch-like thing to do?

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@downtide You mean she really. . . . . . I was lucky to get away, wasn’t I! I’m glad at the time I was so scared of her that I didn’t know it was a crow making those noises. And I never thought. . . Oh m . . my. I could have been a gingerbread person if her house had been made of candy!

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@ANef_is_Enuf Haha, that’s pretty funny. I suppose it’s just where we’re from. :P

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I was the one in the family that told the scary stories—really embarrassing thing though, sometimes I scared myself!

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When I was little I loved Gumby. My Mom decided to make a joke one day and said that I was made out of a little pink ball of clay. I believed her and for some time after that, I was convinced that if I got too hot I would melt. It was traumatizing. Haha.

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An older brother by 13 years took me along for a hike in a forest one day. It went on forever, and it didn’t seem like we were on a path. When I asked him if we were lost for the umpteenth time, he said ‘yes’. It scared the daylights out of me. It turned out that he knew exactly where we were.

He received payback later when I taught his two year old daughter to answer the question, “Who do you love?” and her chipper response was, “I love Prince!” And then we would sing Purple Rain.

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