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Fight fans : Haye v Klitschko, what are your predictions for tonight's fight?

Asked by ucme (50047points) July 2nd, 2011

Put in general to hopefully deter any undesired responses.
Who do you think will win? In which round? By what manner?
Simple really, let’s hear from you happy few.

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In chess or boxing?
I put 10 pound to Klitschko, 3rd round, K.O.

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Yeah I don’t think the fight will go beyond six rounds. A tough call, but if Haye can land a big shot I reckon Klitschko will go down. Sixth round stoppage, Haye win.

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Fourth round stoppage, Klitschko being the victor…. :-/
If it goes past five rounds Haye might stand a chance but I think Klitschko anticipates this so will go for an early stoppage.

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I will say Haye to win. Klitschko has weight and reach advantage but Haye is a bit younger. Both are big hitters so it could go either way but I think Haye is going to do it. I’m not going to say which round.

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Does anyone have any online video stream for this?

Haye to win!

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Klitschko will win, and i predict by a boring decision. Most heavyweight fights are a boring snooze fest

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@trickface All I could find was the BBC text update

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@flutherother yeah I’m listening to their radio coverage, not sure if that’s available worldwide. Radio is widely available online anyway, PPV not so much :)

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It’s all over…..Wladimir Klitschko wins a unanimous points decision in Hamburg.

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Yeah, like the experts said a good big un beats a good little un every time. Klitschko proved just too big in the end for Haye, in only his 5th fight at the weight. Basically a world beater at cruiserweight that got found out against a seasoned champion…a bloody big strong one at that.
Completes a shitty weekend for British sport, oh well there’s always Cavendish for the green jersey in the Tour de France.

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@trickface It was screened live on sky sports box office pay per view. I watched it in the pub myself, not paying £15 for the privilige, those buggers at sky get enough cash outta me as it is.

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@ucme I heard it was available at sop:// with a commentary in German but I couldn’t get it to work. Too late now anyway.

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Ahh for the days of good old ITV boxing. Live in your living room free of charge with commentary by Reg Gutteridge. Yeah, Benn Eubank fights, & others, were truly fantastic events.

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