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Do you have more inside jokes with your friends or your family?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (8285points) April 13th, 2015

And do you think this is any indication of how close you are with each?

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Definitely with friends. And yes, it is an indication – I am much closer to my friends than my family.

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“Humour” is aggressive. The act of laughing—that is, baring the teeth and uttering sharp barking noises—is an instinctive response to internal threats. Strangely-behaving monkeys elicit laughter, driving potentially dangerous rogues away. Thus we enjoy laughing because it makes us feel secure by enforcing in-group conformity.

Having “jokes” which are shared only with a particular group indicates close in-group cohesion, but also intolerance to outside influence. If you regard closeness as meaning parochial disinclination to tolerate unexpected or iconoclastic words, thoughts, or actions, then yes, having “inside jokes” is an indication of closeness.

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Oh for sure, my daughter and I have many inside jokes about the extended family and one of my other friends/room mate and I are constantly making “pussy” jokes, and other off color jokes about my cats. haha
” I must go rub my big big hairy pussy”, ” I need some pussy love”, ” There’s a big, black pussy in my bed.” On & on. lol
The other day we were cracking up since we both like to write and said we should start a series ” My little Pussy” like the “My little Pony stories.”

I’m not big on toilet humor but this pussy prattle we have going on is so fun/funny.
Look at my avatar, I just shaved my pussy.” lol

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With my husband I have quite a lot. Also, some from childhood with my siblings.

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I had more with my family but now my family has been all split up. I don’t really have inside jokes with my women friends although I am very close to them. A close male friend with whom I had many inside jokes and nicknames for things has gone so not much with anyone any more unless I am visiting with my kids.

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Friends, all though I have to say, those with my family run longer. I’m close with either in different ways.

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My father was a drinker, and a fiend.
And everytime I see him, I ask him “Want to know how I got these scars?”

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Friends. Family is too uptight, because family also involves the older members if the family.

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We have lots of inside jokes. I’m not sure if it means we’re closer than other families. We do laugh and kindly tease each other a lot. No one in my immediate family gets their undies in a knot about being teased (which is a good job). And there are lots of inside jokes that tend to relate to ridiculous things one or the other has done at some point in their lives. There are plenty about me!

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A nod to my not so good english days, my brother teases me about bursting out “Merry Christmas! Ha Ha Ha! Every Christmas that is our standard first line in our phone conversations.

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Whomever I have spent the most time with in recent years. 30 years ago I would have said family, especially my sister. My college years and shortly after I’d say friends. Now, I’d say my husband, who I guess would be counted as family?

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“Inside” jokes are like @JLeslie says are more apt to be a part of those with whom you spend the most time. The wife and I have a ton of them, and they pop out as short quips and phrases as answers and explanations for frequently encountered situations. Lately we’ve been throwing around the term “Tosser” for folks of whom we disapprove. We picked up the habit after a few days of binge watching “Doc Martin” episodes.

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My Ex and I had many inside jokes and catch phrases. It’s one of the things I miss about not having him around any more.

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