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When your questions are eliminated, do they also renege on your points?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) July 2nd, 2011

You ask a question, it records your +3 in your lurve count, then your question gets kicked back, because of spelling, etc. You make the changes you were asked to make then the question goes ”poof” disappears, vanishes. The commission found reason to whack your question, who know why maybe because it wasn’t enough fluff in it, do your +3 get reneged? You asked the question it was the powers that be that axed it even after you made the changes requested. Have anyone ever seen their lurva go negative because your questions were axed?

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You get to keep your points.

I’ve received lurve after my questions have been removed. The moderators still have access to the question and may give you lurve if they like what they read. Anyone who has received lurve on the question can still access the question and hand out lurve if they want to (you can find the question by looking for your great answer or great question in your “see all your lurve” list). I’m sure there are other ways to find the deleted question, but this is how I go about finding them.

I hope what I’m saying is making sense.

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No, you get to keep every lurve point you’ve received.

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The larvae be eternal.

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@jonsblond I did that, that was the only way I knew I got whacked. They said “do this” and I did, then no question ever game back. When I checked my questions made and answers given I seen it was there but when I clicked on it I had been wacked. No explaination, just whacked, even after doing what they wanted done to it. But some of us those guaranteed +9 is our life’s blood.

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Hrm. I’m not sure why that question wasn’t reposted. I’ll look into it for you.

As for lurve, we never take it away unless it’s ill-gotten lurve (from lurve-gaming). That, we take away.

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Can anyone confirm whether or not the awards given for a certain # of GQ’s (such as Sunken Treasure) apply to 10k congratulatory questions?

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Yup, they do. Host a party and it is almost a lock on getting a Jules Verne or Sunken Treasure, the kicker is, you get all that GQ for what isn’t really a valid question. ;-P

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After checking on your recently rejected questions, it appears one was rejected because it still had several errors (even after editing). Another one seems to have been rejected in error. I’ve reposted that one for you.

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@augustlan I see, thank you. I wonder how many other errors I was party too ;-P If they fail to point out all the errors and I still miss them because I didn’t believe they were there am I really at fault or should I proofread the editors from here on? Just so I know.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’ll send you a PM.

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