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Can someone else renew my passport for me?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) July 4th, 2011

I am 15 year old British citizen who lives abroad.
My passport needs to be renewed but because there are problems with the passport centres in Dusseldorf and Paris, my parents have decided to get it done in Britain instead.
My passport renewal would take at least 8 weeks in either Germany and France and I don’t have that kind of time.
August 3rd – 28th I have flights booked to see a friend who is dying of cancer. So I’m kinda pressed for time.
So my parents contacted a friend of theirs in Ireland who would be willing to do it for us.
We would send my passport photo and forms and it would get to her in about a day.
She would have then already planned an appointment with the passport office to renew my passport.
And then it would take a week to renew it? And then she would send it right back to us.
Is this in any way illegal? And do you have any idea if it would work or not?
Does one of my parents have to renew it for me or can it just be anyone since I am under 16?

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Your friend (or you or your parents) should be able to check with the office in Ireland. They will know for sure. If the first person you talk to doesn’t know, ask to talk to someone higher up.
If you do go ahead with thiss plan, make a photocopy of your passport and visa to keep around.
Also, check the local law to see if you need a passport to stay there. Do you have an alternate ID?
Also, the Dusseldorf and Paris offices don’t have an “express” renewal that costs a bit more?

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I would just contact my consular office and explain the need for rush on a passport and visa renewal. If your parents explain the dying friend bit, consular officials and diplomats are usually pretty much able to make things like that happen quickly.

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They are usually pretty stict about these things. Have you looked on Directgov? They mention there @Kayak8 idea about contacting the consulate for urgent travel.

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