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What features do you find lacking/non-existent on Fluther?

Asked by Paul (2717points) July 6th, 2011

I don’t really have any gripes What sometimes annoys me is that the chat room is almost always empty, maybe they should advertise it more or make it more prominant within the site (you can’t view activity etc. while chatting. Perhaps a facebook chat style system at the bottom would go a long way. What do you wish was there/better?

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I’d like a 24-hour editor at the ready to crush anyone who wrote “none existent” instead of “non-existent,’” for example.

I think of the story of The Little Red Hen whenever a question such as this is asked. She planted.

and harvested the wheat, separated the chaff out, ground the wheat into flour, baked the bread and sliced it. Suddenly everyone who had not been willing to help her showed up when she called, “And who will help me eat the bread.”

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@gailcalled I’m sorry you feel that way and it was a simple mistake. Whenever someone responds like this I think of this image.

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: @Paul; I used your typo to make a point and not to criticize you. Viz: In order to fiddle, mess with, complicate fluther, you need more programmers, more mods, more supervisors, and fewer absentee owners.

If it’s your site, then you can do what you like. Or, to be linguistically neutral, if it’s one’s site, than one can do what he wants.

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Bigger text boxes when editing your question!!!

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I’d like to see a “Reply to You” feature that shows when someone writes @Paul (for example) in a reply. I don’t look at “Activity for You” very often as there are always too many. But if there was a “Reply to You” feature, I’d check it.

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@bob_ Right you are. Feel free to castigate, flagellate, mortify, ostracise, persecute or ridicule me as the mood strikes.

And if wishes were horses, I’d ask for the elimination of bombast, mixed metaphors, dangling participles, walls of text, word usage by fiat, and just plain gobbledegook.

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@gailcalled I’m so with you on the walls of text issue. What ever happened to conciseness?

Also, flagellate? Hawt.

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I’d like to see who gave me lurve for what answer.

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@bob_ : Who said, “If I had had more time, I would have made it shorter”?

Twain, Wilde, Bierce, Rogers, Vonnegut? If they didn’t, they should have.

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@gailcalled Don’t forget Balzac. Man, I hate Balzac.

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A place like this desperately needs a gold-plated bathroom, but do you see one? Noooooo!

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@wundayatta Skip the gold plate. Get one of these toilet seats. Better get two. Once you sit down, you never want to get up.

Note these features:
• Automatic open/close lid activated by sensors, or the simple touch of a button on the remote control
• Auto flush activated by sensors or the simple touch of a button
• Gentle Aerated, Warm Water, Dual Action Spray with cycling movement and massage feature
• Adjustable water temperature and volume
• Warm air drying with three variable temperature settings
• Automatic air purifier
• Convenient wireless Remote Control with large LCD panel
• SoftClose® anti-bacterial seat
• Heated Seat with Temperature Control
• Docking Station Easy to Install and Clean

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I agree with @worriedguy‘s statement above. Definitely wish I knew when people replied to something I said. I also agree with @MilkyWay.

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It’s all good as far as I am concerned.
I was happy when the social section was introduced since I like the freedom to be humorous and go a bit off topic. My weakness. ;-)
I’m the good humor girl, not too much bothers me, unless it’s a blatant jackass on a rampage.

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@bob_ : If you hate Balzac, then you have to be an equal opportunity hater and loathe Flaubert (who spent weeks on every sentence of Mme Bovary) and also Montaigne (who wrote epigrams in archaic French).

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@gailcalled I never read them, but from what you say, I feel a strong contempt for them already.

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When you insert certain wikipedia pages, it doesn’t always link the whole link if the wikipedia page has certain characters like parentheses, apostrophes, and possibly other things. It’d be nice if there was some override on that.

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I would like to be able to see a list of my outgoing PM’s. I really can’t believe this feature still doesn’t exist.

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I’m with @MilkyWay this time. We need mutual relationships in fluther. Believe me, Mutual relationship will eventually grow in to actual friendship.

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A wet bar and a new whiner section.

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