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When looking for a lawyer - how do I pick from the throngs?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) July 9th, 2011

I am looking to secure a lawyer for both myself and for my mother. Some of you might remember why – do not discuss details, por favor.

For everyone else, my reasons are not for criminal reasons – but financial ones. How does one shop for a lawyer? I know nothing and I do not wish to go into this blind.

Hjalp! Thanks.

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Look for an attorney who specializes in inheritance issues. Ask you doctor or landlord for a referral.

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Neither of those are viable. Any other methods?

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“Reference from a friend” is usually the best way. That way, you’re getting someone that has already worked well for someone you know (and he has an incentive to do well for you, since the referral method has obviously already worked to his advantage).

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So referrals are the only way? What if that isn’t feasible?

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Referrals from another attorney would be another way to go. Referrals aren’t “the only way”, but they’re the best way, depending on who’s doing the referring, the experience they had, etc.

If you know a friend in another part of the state, for example, who has had a similar experience, then you can ask “what should I ask my attorney in an interview?” or “does your attorney know a good one where I am for…. [whatever]?”

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If you already have access to or contact with financial professionals, they might be able to suggest a list of local lawyers (without necessarily endorsing any particular one). Also, if your issue has anything at all to do with medical or health care, a patient advocate may be able to offer help and advice on legal assistance relating to financial issues as well.

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You can get in touch with the american bar association, and they can tell you of a reputable lawyer near you. ( Im assuming you are in america)

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