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Walk or Jog for weight loss?

Asked by anoop66 (899points) July 10th, 2011

I wanted to know, which’s the better way to lose weight. Should I walk for 1.5 hour or run for 30 min daily?

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Walking is easier on your joints. Running will get faster results.

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Some people say its all about net calorie loss. What matters is how much calories you lose..

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really it comes down to your physical fitness, if you can run for 30 minutes, keeping your heart rate high, with no pain or limitations, I’d say go for it.

However, if you have a previous injury or there is any associated pain, as @FutureMemory stated, walking is better for a low impact cardio!

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Walk. Less likely to injure yourself and so more sustainable. Plus you can take a friend with you, human or furry.

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Better to combine the two, run for a spell then power walk. Repeat until desired results are confirmed.

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Walking is better for your joints and less risk of injury, so if your goal is only weight loss, that might be the way to go. But running is better if you’re interested in cardiovascular health.

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how would walking be better for weight loss than running? Your cardiovascular system is the one you want to work if you wanna lose weight….

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I think a combo would be better still. A quick pace walk for about an hour would be best. I’ve walked with some really slow paced walkers and have felt no better for it. You can change to running once you are physically able. But as already said above, walking risks less injuries. I’ve seen many people stop exercising all together because an injury has stopped them for a few weeks and they found it hard to get started up again.
Exercise shouldn’t be about the short haul. Yes, you can lose weight from exercise but you will put that weight right back on, once you stop. It should be a lifetime goal to maintain good health.

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I’ve seen a rough calculation mentioned in some fitness articles i.e. for every 1 mile you cover whether walking or running, you burn 100 calories. I don’t know how true it is but if you consider it, walking a mile will take you longer than running a mile, so perhaps they work out to be roughly equivalent. I’d say running gives you greater bang per se for your buck though so-to-speak – doing a combination of both is probably better for you for reasons others have mentioned above.

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@Pandora As you say, quick pace is the best thing to do all around. You will get your heart rate high enough with that. Running to lose weight is a bit overkill, it will help you greatly to have stronger lungs and heart though, but as far as losing weight fast pace walking is better and in my opinion more enjoyable.

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High intensity interval training is best for weight loss so as @ucme suggests, combine walking and sprinting if you can.

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I tend to promote walking more. It’s more natural to walk regularly than to run regularly. With either one, it’s important to reduce foods that promote inflammation, like wheat.

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Honestly, good luck running for 30 min.

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Walking is more natural for human) So I advice you to do it every morning before school (university, work). Eat before walking (banana, sandwich with pinnut butter – you can afford yourself some tasty and high-calorie at the morninig ‘cause you burn it anyway while walking)

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@Samallia Yep, that’s good advice. Though you can eventually ease into light jogging, which is PHENOMENAL for weight loss, and intersperse it with walking. Eventually, your legs, calves and knees will get strong enough for you to run consistently. And then you can watch the lbs melt off like butter. I definitely recommend doing the workout often.. one mistake people make (and that I always make, no matter how hard I try not to) is that after seeing results, they ‘slack off’ or give themselves some leeway. Never do this. Keeping the weight off is HARDER, not easier, than losing it.

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Also, to answer your original question.. think about this: weight loss is all about distance covered. The more distance you cover, the more calories you burn (whether you run, walk, sprint, etc…). Walking 4 km, let’s assume, might take you about 40 minutes. Running this might take you 20. In those extra 20 minutes you have left, you could run an extra 4km, doubling your results. The trick is to get your body trained enough to be able to do this.

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Running helps improve your heart and burn fats around your heart, but if you are going through any minor injury then walking should be best for you. Both have great results, you can combine both but on different days.

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