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How Do Small Businesses Find Customers?

Asked by dcslistguy (1points) April 30th, 2008

I am both a buyer and a seller. As a buyer I am always on the lookout for ways to drive traffic to my website. As a seller I am looking to provide ways to drive traffic, generate sales, etc. for others.

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For me there are a number of ways to find clients: social & business networking sites; surfing the net looking for potential clients who do business in the same area I am in and approach them directly by introducing my products & services to them; word of mouth marketing and referrals. Anywhere I am, I always exchange business cards and after establishing a relationship with that individual, I always ask for referrals. It’s not easy, you have to do your homework and use your planner accordingly. Personal contact at some time or another is important for keeping customers, one of a kind customer service is paramount to your success. You have to do 20% more than everybody else.

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there are plenty of sales tools out there.

I work in the shipping industry and there is a website we use that provides us with all sales information, complete for a specific company and we narrow our search for a specific shipping lane for instance far east or over the pond in the uk. It has been working out and google is your friend when trying to get more info and research on them.

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