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How to calculate walking time into cycling time?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) July 16th, 2011

I’m going away to college in two weeks and I’ve been searching for a room(yes, we have to look for our own dorm room since in The Netherlands there’s no campus) to stay in.
I’ve found two good rooms but one is 15 minutes walking distance from the school and the other is 35 minutes.
This was calculated via Google maps.
Since I don’t really want to take the bus to school, I’ve decided to go with cycling but I was wondering what’s the time of walking in cycling.

Thus, how long does 15 minutes of walking would take if I biked to school?
And how long does 35 minutes of walking would take if I biked to school?

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I think average walking pace is 3–4mph (5–6kph) and cycling tends to be about 12mph (19kph). So it would take roughly ⅓ as long to cycle. Probably depends a lot on lights and hills though.

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Assuming you are on flat ground…

A fifteen minute walk would probably be 3–5 minutes of biking.
the 35 minute walk would probably be a 10 minute bike.

If you are going up hill the times would be longer for the bike.

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Neither is going to be bad if you have a nice bike with properly inflated tires. When I was in the Netherlands (mostly near the train station in Amsterdam) it would have been brutal to bike around. But if you don’t have tons of lights and pedestrians doing on a bike what would take 35 minutes on foot is pretty trivial. My sister spends longer finding a parking spot in downtown Portland.

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What @nikipedia said but you would have to factor in the time taken to leave your bicycle in a secure place. The Netherlands is likely to be nice and flat for cycling but I would check out the route on Google Street View. If it is very busy and congested it might be easier walking.

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If you’re using Google maps, why not select the directions in cylcing mode? It has “by car”, “by public transit”, “walking”, and “bycling”.

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@tom_g I’ve tried but for the country The Netherlands it doesn’t have that option. If it did, I wouldn’t be asking this.

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