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What can I do about this Homeowners Insurance Problem?

Asked by marialisa (464points) July 20th, 2011

I have freeze damage from last winter. My garage ceiling was leaking and i filed a claim. The adjuster did not look or ask about any other damage I may have. I had an estimate from a roofer and he found ceiling damage in my kitchen. The adjuster says he did not see that when he came and will not include it in my claim.
The fact is he didnt look in that area. I had painted my upstairs and would have noticed it in Feb. when I painted. I also would have had my handyman look at it and found out my roof was damaged near my skylight….What can I do?

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Do you have an insurance agent?
We had a claims adjuster come to my house when the water pipe broke in the ceiling, and the adjuster denied the claim.
I called my agent, who called the adjuster, and told her that if they deny my claim, he would stop writing policies for her company.
The claim was approved.

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My agent told me that I was lucky to get a new roof from a freezing claim and to file another claim when and if I was cancelled by my insurance when it renewed or claim it was related at that point.

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Filmfann is right – your insurance agent should be a good resource for help. If your adjuster missed that, they need to come back and look.

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Call your agent or the insurance commission in your state.

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