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Could this be some type of allergy?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6612points) July 21st, 2011

Just to give you a little info.
I have been having this problem for about 3 years now, and its that somedays I just wake up and I randomly have extra large lips. Its like they’ve grown over night. It really itches at the edges. Last time I had this happen to be which was around 3 weeks ago, I went to the doctor and he told me that maybe it was just some herpes I had in me that pops out every now and then. But now again I woke up like that; actually it happened last night, I was eating dinner which was salmon and rice. As I was eating I started feeling itchy on my lips and I stopped. Then today as I woke up they are really swollen. My mum is thinking of taking me to a skin doctor but i am also starting to think that its maybe the fish. But then last time this happened I didn’t eat fish.

What could be the cause of this and I wish I had a picture to show you… there’s even some water coming out of my lips.

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It could be a sort of allergy.
I feel that whenever I eat carrots [raw] or celery [raw or cooked]. My lips grow about a quarter. In the mouth I feel a strange sensation.

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Yup, that sounds like an allergic reaction. It’s probably easiest to just get tested by the doctor for various allergies (thank goodness they can now do it via a blood draw and not the scratch test!).

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@Hibernate Argh. it’s so annoying, like when it happens on the first day of school its embarrassing.
@Aethelflaed My mum is currently looking at skin doctors.

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Oh. I know but I got used to it. I have a similar reaction to when i eat apples. I love it when it happens. Not to mention my woman loves it more :) But this is just a way how you can use this to your advantage though do not try it because some might be lethal. I know for a fact that mine is not that serious for now so I just play with it.

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@nailpolishfanatic If it is an allergic reaction, an allergist might be better than a dermatologist. Though, for a simple allergy test, you should be able to go to your general practitioner.

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I had this same allergic reaction when I was in high school. (When it was a crying matter.) I went to the doctor and got something for it.

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It never breaks out in a sore?

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@Aethelflaed Ok. Will start some research.
@marinelife and from there you never had it again?
@Judi Nope. just small invisible holes at the corners of my lips… where the water comes from.

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@nailpolishfanatic I seemed to outgrow it or something, I have never had it since high school.

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@marinelife That’s so strange. Maybe the same will happen with me.

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@nailpolishfanatic The doctor could not tell me what I was allergic to. It was very strange. It was exactly as you describe. Swollen lips (only time I ever had big lips) and numb and tingly.

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@marinelife That’s exactly what one of the doctors I went to told me. That I had a herpe that comes and goes every now and then. He prescribed me to try Loritin and it didn’t work at all.

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It does sound like an allergic reaction to something and you should get it checked out by an allergtist.

My mother has a condition called idiopathic edema in which her body responds as if it is having an allergic reaction (she gets combinations of swelled lips, throat closing up and hives, some times one or the other, or sometimes all 3 at the same time). She’s been in the emergency room more times than I can count. She does go to an allergist and they have done test after test after test on her and they can’t seem to pinpoint the problem. The doctors seem to think that she doesn’t have a true allergy, but more of an immune system problem in which her body reacts to un-identified stimuli as if she is allergic. She also has the herpes virus (she tends to get canker sores in her mouth every now and then). Note: I used to get canker sores too, every now and then when I was a kid and a teenager. I haven’t had one since my early 20’s, and that was the same time that I became a vegetarian. I have no idea whether or not those two things are related. I’m guessing that I too have the herpes (not the sexual kind people!) virus, but maybe the foods I eat simply don’t trigger it anymore.

So far, they treat my mom’s condition the same way as if she was having a true allergic reaction. She takes Benadryl at the first sign of her lips starting to swell. She also carries an Epi-Pen (which is a fast acting epinephren shot for severe allergic reactions, when you can’t get to an emergency room quickly enough).

But you need to start, by going to an allergist. Some of the most common food allergies that tend to cause swelling lips are fish, especially shell fish, nuts like walnuts (peanuts tend to cause much more severe problems involving breathing and anyphylactic shock) and citrus fruits. The doctor will give you some blood tests and then might ask you to keep a food diary.

Keep us updated! : )

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Sounds like an allergic reaction to something your eating or drinking. Be very careful. Eventually the swollen lips will lead to your throat closing up on you. Right now your body is fighting off something it’s allergic to but it won’t last for long. Eventually your body gives in to the allergen and this is when your throat closes up. Go see a doc and get a epi pen.

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It does sound like a allergic reaction and seeing a skin specialist or doctor is probably a good way to determine what it is, or getting tests done to see what u are allergic to could also help.

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My dad just scheduled an appointment for me with the allergist… what a weird name they get lol.
But yeah I have an appointment on Monday and hopefully she’ll tell me something useful.
Thank you for your kinda advice jellies <3

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Well i you find the cause of it and they help. :)

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@pashley_108 I hope so. I mean I will be with the lady for 11/2 hours… she’ll just be testing and such so I am sure she’ll come to some conclusion.

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She should if it takes that long! Well hope it all turns out.

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Its ok anytime :)

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