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What does your (snail) mail say about you?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) April 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I look at what I get on the day-to-day and think, “What does the mail carrier tr (PC thinker that I am) think when my mail is put in my box?” Some stuff is pretty interesting, and telling.

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I dunno, I think “mail carrier” sounds like a good job for my mom. She’s so nosy.
Personally, I’d be like “That’s hot” if it was something telling. Like when I find porn on someone’s computer.

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That the Nigerians love me, that the IRS wants to give me a lot of money if I give them personal Info, that I need a longer penis (I am a female) and that my spam filter is working.

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Actually, in terms of nosing into people’s lives I think it might be more fun to be a garbage collector than a mail-carrier. I’m fascinated by the piles of junk that gets piled up near the bus-station near us.

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It says I suck at paying my bills on time.

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Let me see if I understand you. You think the mail carrier pays attention to what he puts in your mailbox? And thinks about you?

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I was involved with a tv movie about a postal postman who collected sensitive information and then sold it off. The movie got shelved. Good thing, it sucked.

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It would tell ‘Cliff’ that we are boring people.

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That I have bank accounts and utilities…..and a few friends around X-Mas and birthdays.

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what I forgot to mention about that tv movie was it was based on a true story

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that I have way too many bills. :(

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