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From an ECONOMIC stand-point: can marriage equality and civil unions being more prevalent help boost the economy?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) July 25th, 2011

I feel the more people CAN legally bond as a couple- they will not only spend on any number of businesses involved with cermonies, they will also settle in more tolerant areas and add to the overall economic prosperity. Rather than moving away elsewhere. Basically, tolerance literally equals growth.

(please, if you have something against non-straights- this is not an invite to express any personal negativity.) Thanks.

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Since same-sex marriage has been legal here in Massachusetts since 2004, I would imagine that there should be an answer to your question in data somewhere.

Maybe here.

This states that in the first 5 years….

“A study says the over 12,000 same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts since 2004 have pumped over $111 million into the state’s economy.”

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I don’t know much about it, but in Asbury Park, NJ, from what I hear, the place used to be bad, but the general influx of gay couples and gay business owners has really helped clean the place up. There’s a large gay community there.

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I think it’s going to be great for our state. New York finally does something right.

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I don’t know how much economic effect it will have, but I see it as a positive thing.

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I think it would have a positive effect.

So would legalizing and taxing marijuana and prostitution.

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When Gavin Newsom was overseeing gay marriages in San Francisco the economic impact was huge! Flowers, catering, jewelry, matching gowns and tuxedos, cakes, and much more.

Plus, even at off times, San Francisco was even more of a destination.

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I don’t think it will make a difference to our economy. So many couples today have to be a two income family just to break even. I can see if it was like it was back in the 50’s, where a family could make due with one person earning wages. That meant that only half of the adult work force was needed and more jobs would be available. But everything continues to rise and everyone who can work just about, needs to work to make due. Some people even have to hold down 2 jobs. More people need to work but the jobs aren’t being created as fast as they need to be. Married or living together doesn’t change the economy. The only thing that will change this economy is jobs coming home from overseas.

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When CA was debating Prop. 19 the reports were that gay unions would bring billions to the CA economy.

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@tinyfaery- Prop 19 was all about legalizing marijuana. Prop 8 dealt with (against) same-sex marriage.

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Whoops. Eh. I get them all mixed up.

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Revenues in New York were estimated to be $!55 Million. That did not include all the money right-wing groups will spend advertising and lobbying against equality. So yeah, I’d say it’s financially a sound move.

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