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Any recommendations for a good unbiased news website?

Asked by Paul (2717points) July 27th, 2011

Preferably focused on the UK or Europe and not part of a paper. I would hope that it wouldn’t be politically swayed either but maybe I’m hoping for too much. What do you use?

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You could try the BBC which takes some pains to be unbiased and the BBC World Service.

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There is no such thing. If your looking for some news organization to tell you what to think, you will get thier biased view. The only way to sort it out is to listen to both sides and make up your own mind. It’s more work, but the only way to get the full story.

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This is a pet peeve of mine. I’m a voracious consumer of news media, and I have not yet found an ideal source for all news that’s both sufficiently unbiased in the news reporting side AND keeps the news stories free of subjective analysis.

So far, the closest I’ve found is The New York Times (which is not, of course, Euro-focused). Most of the news stories I read there are objective, well-reported, and free from subjectivity. (Not all, of course, because not all reporters are good at their job. But most.) Also note I take great pains never to read the NY Times’s Op-Ed page, which is full of vitriol.

I tried reading The Financial Times for a year, but I found the lack of depth in the every day news reporting to be frustrating. The feature articles were excellent, but I want a source for every day news more so than features (for which great magazines exist).

I’d like to try The Times of London one day, but I haven’t done so yet.

So good luck on your search, and if you find something you like, please don’t forget to update this question!

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@Neurotic_David I’m a big fan of The Times, but to access their website online you have to pay monthly and it’s not financially viable for me at the moment.

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@Neurotic_David I actually just went back onto The Times website, it asked me to log-in I did, now it is letting me access all the features minus Times+ (the members offers page) so I’m accessing it for free. Thanks for reminding me!

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So long as humans are doing the reporting, there’s no such thing as actually unbiased. However, there are a few that are better than others: The BBC, The Times (both London and New York), The Daily Telegraph, anything referred to as the paper of record, NPR in the US. While none of them are totally without bias, they do make an effort to report things factually instead of becoming one big spin machine.

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I saw the question and…. hahahahaha! That’s my answer. You’ll have a better chance of finding Santa on vacation with Tinkerbell in Oz than an unbiased news site.

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The Onion, they whack everybody.

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My husband really likes the Drudge Report, and he sometimes goes to Info Wars. Personally, I don’t read much news because it just makes me nervous and/or cranky. Everyone is much happier when I let him keep tabs on current events.

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Is that a question or an oxymoron?

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Seriously though. Some channels it depends on the host. Drudge report seems unbiased. Personally though it is hard to find one that’s not. The Associated Press usually is “just the news” but even they have been shown to be biased on occasion. You just need to be able to bypass the slant with any news right now. Even with the killings in Norway it’s reported in the states differently per channel/show.

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There is no such thing as unbiased news. I just read from a variety of different news sites (mainstream and alternative) and watch and listen to a variety of news stations. I do lean towards public broadcasters such as the BBC and ABC in Australia.

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There is also no such thing as an unbiased consumer of news.

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Al Jazeera is fairly unbiased- compared to TV in the states Their coverage of the Middle Eastern revolutions was more comprehensive than the Western propaganda machine.

What? You were too busy watching FOX and had no idea there was a massive revolution happening?

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I would also agree with @flutherother.

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