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What websites would you recommend for killing time? (please read details before answering)

Asked by OpryLeigh (25305points) May 12th, 2009

Purely for entertainment reasons. For example I have just discovered and it kept me entertained for hours on one of my late shifts at work!!! I don’t want to know about obvious websites (Fluther, Facebook, Myspace for example) but I love sites like or sites that are similar to Fluther (questions and answers). Do you have a personal favourite to visit once Facebook, Fluther, Twitter etc have all been exhausted?

I did do a search to see if a question like this had already been asked RECENTLY and had no luck. Apologies if you know different!

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phoenyx's avatar – lots of flash games. – lots of fail

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Thanks, TitsMcGhee, for those last two! (The internet archive. I always check out old social hygiene films and old cartoons, TV shows and commercials)

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uber-lurve for I’m cracking up here…

Mamradpivo's avatar is always a favorite.

But rules my time wasting.

chucklmiller's avatar one of my personal favorites.

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I read ONTD on livejournal. I also read Failblog and

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@ragingloli, could you re-post the link? that one doesn’t work :(

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I’ve heard of 4chan. I don’t think I ever want to go to that site.

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4chan is the petri dish that grows internet memes and… other stuff.

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I spend most of my time on wikiAnswers

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we heart it
saturday morning breakfast comics
a softer world (they don’t upload often, but there are about 400 in the archives to catch up on…
and i second failblog

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too late to edit, but i forgot:
i’m in like with you

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@MacBean I was just coming here to post that! :p

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Some of these are great. I especially love and

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