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Have you ever done something you wished you'd never done?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5869points) July 29th, 2011

Think of it as a mistake you made, and you wish you could go back in time and do over the whole thing. Have you ever had an expireince like that? Details please! :))

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Yep. Marriage.

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that’s a nice question.

where do I begin
I guess the biggest mistake I’ve ever made is giving away my dog cheese.She was so beautiful and elegant. I think about her every night, God why did she have to bark so much !!

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@Blackberry I hope your wife isn’t on fluther !! or you are in for it .

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Lied to my Mom about whom I was living with (whom they were to me as far as relationships go) and that I was gay.

I lied for a good 8 years.

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Yeah Blackberry. Hows the little woman going to feel when she sees that. Lol.
I more regret some of the chances I passed by.

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Is that right? “Whom they were to me?”

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Guys, I’m not married anymore lol. It lasted a year and a half and it’s been two years since the divorce. I don’t even talk to her anymore.

@Jude I think ‘who’ would be fine.

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Nothing really comes to mind.

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Yes.. this one time I was very inconsiderate of my mom’s feelings. I would do anything to go back in time and undo that. It has been 5 years now but it still keeps me awake at night.

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My history fades in time, and I can’t think of anything. Of course, to deny my past is to deny myself, and I’ve done enough of that over my life. It’s time now for me to think I’m ok. Ok?

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Insert my penis in the wrong place of course.

Accidentally discovering Fluther. Now I’m addicted.

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@Jude It should read “who they were to me.” “Whom” is reserved for objects (direct object, indirect object, object of a preposition), and you were using it as a subject.

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Plenty of things. But those are all part of me and place me exactly where I am today.

May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, The foresight to know where you are going, And the insight to know when you have gone too far.
~Irish Blessing

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@Blackberry sorry ! I didn’t know :)

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Most definitely! I once put a huge amount of trust into a person who turned out to be a complete mystery and it cost me a lot. On the upside, if I’d never had that person as an experience then I wouldn’t have considered the job I have now and thus met my current fiancee.

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Starting a long distance relationship with a controlling, manipulative psychopath that could hack my computer. Met my fiancee on the same site though and the bitching brought us closer. :)

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Why,no,I don’t. ;)

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I had a lot of times, in my teen years, realized that I was at a cross road where there was no turning back, and made bad decisions. As painful as the journey down those roads were, I would not be the person I am today If I had made the right decision. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but I know for sure that I am more compassionate and forgiving of others who make mistakes than if I would have always done the right thing.

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There was the time I tried to do a 50 mile an hour power slide through a corner in the rain. After I pulled myself up out of the drivers side door and dropped to the ground, I said I think I f’d that up.

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I was in the same boat as @Blackberry, my first marriage.
By the time the wedding came around I was seriously apprehensive but thought I could make the best of it. After the divorce my best man said he was tempted to kidnap me to stop the wedding. He was right but it would have been hard to appreciate in the moment.

I did learn that I liked marriage but that I had not picked my partner well.
My second marriage is just past 16 years and going strong.

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Yes, I’ve made many unfortunately. We all live and learn I suppose.

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I am with my friend @Blackberry on this one.
I still occasionally wonder “What the fuck was I thinking?”

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I wish I never met a particular person. That one introduced me to others. And a lot of things changed.

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I regret some of the thoughts I used to have. Well not exactly the thoughts themselves, but my enjoyment of them.
I regret breaking the line between studying a subject and becoming friends.
Most of all I regret having so many regrets and imprisoning myself with them.

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I regret dating certain people. I regret almost everything that happened in my senior year of high school. But I wouldn’t change them, really. I’m at a really good place right now, and I wouldn’t want that to change.

I regret snapping at a certain someone last night, but all’s well that ends well.

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There are things I could’ve done better, but one thing still makes me feel bad. I rarely am mean, so when I am, I remember it too well and one of them is that I hurt someone really bad in 1993. He was head-over-heels in love with me but I was in no shape or form to have a relationship, nor was he my type at all. I wasn’t honest with him and he found out in a pretty unpleasant way. I felt like a real cad for a long time and sought him out a couple years ago to apologize, but he didn’t want to talk to me and understandably so. Then he recently friended me on FB…

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Oh yes! My first marriage, a few car accidents come to mind and no I don’t want to do them over either!

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