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Are there other options besides living on the street?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) July 31st, 2011

If you’re extremely poor, and are on the verge of living on the streets, do you have other options?

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For some people no. Some people may be able to sleep at friend’s homes or with their family but usually that isn’t an open ended situation.

If you don’t have family and friends who will take you in and you can’t get a place in a shelter (and places can be very limited) it may be a shop doorway or under a bridge is the only place available to you.

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Depends on the location.There may be homeless hostels or charities in your region who can help. Being homeless in a big city is easier than in a small town.

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There are lots of unlocked storage sheds in peoples back yards that are almost never used! ;)

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There are shelters in most communities. They often require attendance to church services to stay there.

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Sometimes you can cheaply rent a room in a shared housing-type situation. Here in the DC area, the cheapest one I’ve ever found was about $500 per month. This is an expensive area. I worked out a weekly payment plan with the landlord, so I wouldn’t have to pay it all up front, and moved in right away. Then I set about looking for a second job.

Many people aren’t employed/employable so not everyone has that option. Many homeless people are mentally ill.

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If there are dependants involved, the person may qualify for assistance. They need to go see their local social welfare department on a country level first. They can usually point them in the right direction or find a way to assist. My sister works for a county in the state of Wisconsin. Some people she has to turn away. They have a car and equity in a house. They ones she is able to help and get assistance for are the ones with kids.

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Increasingly, the street is it. Assistance programs are being cut back further and further. Access to shelter, health care, job training, and education is being reduced by significant amounts. I doubt if private philanthropy is going to help since they are seeing reduced contributions as well.

We will see more and more homeless on the streets, or we might not see them, since many want to hide out of sight. They are ashamed of their plight. They might hide in the woods or under bridges or wherever they congregate. Brother, can you spare a dime?

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I lived in a wigwam for a while. Not by necessity, just for fun. But if I needed to, I could build one again in a couple days and be pretty comfy. However, it’s pretty hard for most homeless to find a spot suitable, since most live in urban areas.

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Live with friends or family, that’s what my adult grandsons and their mother are doing.

Apply for government assistance/charity which is what my son, his wife, her mother and her grandmother are doing. All of these family members are either unemployed and looking for work or on permanent disability/social security.

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Friends, family, making new friends, welfare shelters, monasteries, churches who offer hospitality, enlistment in organizations that include board for new enlistees (e.g. some volunteer organizations, ships, militaries, religious groups), camping, squatting, camps for the poor, prison, hospitals, caves, tunnels, wilderness…

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