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Where are the best airplane deals for airplane tickets?

Asked by marialisa (464points) July 31st, 2011

I am traveling from Minnesota to Flint, Michigan or nearby. Thank you Flutherites!

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In the month of August. :)

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Your best bet is to start off by doing an online search using a site like Expedia or one of the many others. How far out you book, length-of-stay, and arrival/departure days of the week can make a big difference. The online sites are good for shopping around, especially if you are flexible with dates, days and times. It may also be cheaper if you have flexibility on the airports used.

Beware of booking online though. The super cheap fares are often not changeable. This means that if something comes up, you are going to shell out more money for a new ticket.

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And for the Elderly.

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It depends on where you are going and when. You have to know the exact date, and then just try all the online sites and call the airlines directly. Booking ahead at least two or three weeks is usually better than waiting.

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Try the aggregating sites Expedia, Orbitz and Yahoo. Plus the airline sites, because they are not all included in the other sites. Southwest, I think, is not included by the aggregators.

Monday and Friday flights are generally most expensive.

Evenings are usually cheaper (NOT Friday and Sunday evening, though).

Don’t buy way early or way late (unless you come upon a great sale). When I flew a lot, I found that prices dipped about 4 or 5 weeks before the flight.

Sign up for the airlines’ weekly email. Most of them send out deals on Wednesdays.

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Right. It all depends on when and where and if you can book with no chance of cancellations, barring death or disaster.

I booked a round trip Air China flight to Asia last year 6 weeks in advance and got a great deal. $709.00 RT. Not bad, not bad, at all. Coach, pretty comfy, no complaints, well, except for the questionable yellow sausages that were served for breakfast. lol

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@Coloma From North America and back round trip???

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Yep, California…out of San Francisco to Taipei Taiwan. :-)

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HOLY SHIT! I book my ticket from Toronto to Shanghai round trip and it cost me $2000 Canadian. That’s one, amazing deal.

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It was, but, Air China is not the best airline, not horrible, moderate crash record.

It was alright, crowded, and then the yellow sausage thing, but hey…lol.

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I enjoy flying with Cathay Pacific.

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