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Does anyone know how to use a TI-89 calculator and would be willing to add me on msn to help me when I have a question?

Asked by Imunsure (2points) August 2nd, 2011

This is a new toy for me and I seem to remember better when playing around with things rather than just reading the manual.

If you message me on here I will reply with my msn email address.

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I think I have an old manual. I am pretty sure you can find a manual online… I´ll have a quick look.

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Ok I have a problem the book doesn’t seem to answer.

I want to answer 4a+b=9, x+9y+2z=9, 8a+x+9y+2b+2z=p what is p ? if I type this in they say there are too many arguments

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@Imunsure If I remember correctly, that calculator does not solve for variables in terms of other variables. Since you have 6 variables and only 3 equations, I don’t think that calculator will help you. But I promise it won’t hurt you to do it yourself.

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Oh ok, I can do it myself but I’m just getting used to the ti-89

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I just bought two of these calculators for my kids and we just goof around with them and use the to check prior problems to get the hang of them (along with reading the instruction booklet).

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