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Do you consider Fluther to be a source of underlying comfort in your daily life?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20145points) August 2nd, 2011

Do you feel the fluther community is always THERE in its own way and that nothing you say falls on deaf ears? Do you get the feeling that there is always someone or many someones out there who will soothe the pain or stress? Not just another QnA site, a touch of something more, right?

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Is it pathetic if I say yes?
Getting second, third, fourth opinions on what to do in a sticky situation, or on whether something is “normal,” is extremely valuable to me. Knowing how intelligent the Fluther community is, it’s so nice to feel like I’m getting informed opinions on these things.
Not to mention the fact that jellies are so kind and supportive in difficult times.

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Rarely. I am thankful when it is helfpul, though.

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Not so much,no.
I get that feeling from cheddar cheese.

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Comfort? Nah. More like an itch.

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I’ve gotten enough drubbings here I can’t say it’s a source of underlying comfort. It’s more like periodic strenuous workouts.

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Yes…it’s a 24 hour a day party and always fun to check in and see your friends!

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Sometimes, but not always.

There’s always a Debbie Downer when you least expect it.

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In a way, yes.
Just like a cigarette or a coke or scratching an itch can be comforting.

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I’m an addict so, I get really serious withdrawal symptoms if I stay away.
Fluther is my drug.

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It has been when I’ve been sick. However when I’m well, the comfort tends to disappear. Like I don’t need anything so I won’t get any attention.

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I used to feel that way but not as much, although I still find it a comfortable place to hang out.

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I come on here, and I feel like Sally Fields, “You like me. You really like me.”

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Absolutely. I may be a bit biased, though. ;)

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Fluther has helped me figure out some pretty tough situations. The advice I got was 100% bang-on. Through those times I felt like I had a group of people behind me as I walked through those situations who says the Internet can’t provide support!

Thankfully, my life has been relatively problem-free knock on wood lately.

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At its best, Fluther fulfills such a function. When it gets petty or ugly, it can be a serious let-down for many people. Thank goodness for our moderators.

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Yeah. I laugh a lot when it comes to some jokes or when others debate over some things. I always find that my problems are small when I hear someone asking a question then explaining a sad story with it.

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Sometimes, maybe. I don’t really find my comfort in internet, it’s my real life that give me comfort.

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I wouldn’t call it comfort as such, more of an interest and a routine.

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It has been—many times. Maybe not just through my own questions but others’ posts or a few PMs.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s awesome, but it’s not a pillow. ’‘cuddles a pillow’’

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Pillows rock.

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I’ve got 5 pillows on my bed at home...

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It’s getting better…

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