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Is the new FaceBook really that bad?

Asked by MrBlogger (382points) September 19th, 2008

Is it really that big of a deal? I think its just a matter of getting used to. I kind of like it a little bit more. What do you think?

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Because you think it is. Because people need something to gripe about. Because people are afraid of change.

It isn’t that bad. I find it cleaner. It is different, but it is less like the jumbled mess it used to be.

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Its bothered me so much why people can’t handle change so well.

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I especially like the fact all the stupid app boxes are pushed off to a tab.

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I hate it, I’m considering to close my account

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@flameboi Just because of that update? Come on! You people! Get used to it!

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If there is one thing I don’t like, I just drop it, life is like that, black and white, is not a good update, is a bad one, like the coke 2 marketing case, he is ruining a winning product because somebody told him (MS) that “it can be better”... Gosh, who is his advisor, a loathed enemy?

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I love the new layout. Cleaner and faster for myself. Also waiting for new facebook for iPhone. They said September. I’m waiting.

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I never experienced the old Facebook, so this is the first version to me.

I find the UI to be unintuitive, crowded, lacking hierarchy both visual and informational. I really dislike it.

Maybe it bothers me a little more because I like Facebook as an idea and a site.

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I think it looks a turd load better than it did before. People be just griping because it’s new. Twitter got a new interface. Aside from a few bugs hanging when ye click follow everyone has responded well.

Reasoning behind th’ two differences: Twitter be a web 2.0 app that people use and most have a bit o’ technical be know how. That’s why they’re on it. Facebook, however, be a social networking site for college students (originally) and believe it or not, a great deal o’ college students be computards. Not only do they barely be knowin’ what’s going on in their computer, a huge facial change for th’ site freaks them out. It’s not comfortable or familiar.

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I couldn’t care less. The internet consists of billions of pages. Something is bound to change. Whether people like it or not. They may lose a few thousand users, but they wouldn’t be the first company/site to do so. I’ll use it as it comes, these sites don’t have a great appeal to me anyway.

Oh my goodness gracious me. PIRATE TALK. Ahahaha. (in the preview thing, hahah, that’s awesome, ahaha)

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It still seems kind of glitchy.
And I think it was messing with people’s apps.

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I like the look. Its nice! This is what I sort of never understood about some people. Some many know im a very big Mac fan and I do more on a computer than the average person. I had no problem getting used to something new! Dont just dump something because its been updated. Did you really want it to be the same old FaceBook forever?

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Nope, but I had, let’s say, great expectations…

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Listen, Facebook might be the best social networking website in the world right now. It has instant messaging, pictures, videos, notes, groups, 3rd party apps, games, you name it! There are thousands of apps on Facebook. I think Facebook couldn’t be better

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I like function and form and I really don’t see either. I worked for a business forms company where there was a logic and hierarchy to information flow. I look at the site and it just looks like a big mess to me with very little organization or separation. Very little indication of what belongs to what. Especially with out having had the benifit of what it used to look like from what I understand. I don’t HATE it. But it is definitely not my favorite

Of course. I still go there daily. hehe.

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Great expectations have ruined so much so far for many including but not limited to the iPhone, Facebook and Google Chrome. Hype kills so much, I believe people get more excitement over the hype then what the hype is about. Funny eh?

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Yeah it is funny. Now the reason Twitter got good feedback is because they only changed the graphics. Its still the same just looks different. Now with FaceBook they wanted to experiment with the navigation and user interface.

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Facebook can have an x-ray application, still, they are not taking the company in the correct direction

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If you remove the word “new” from that question? Yes, yes it is.

Sorry, I just never understood the appeal.

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I don’t like it. It has some okay features, like ease of writing on someone’s wall has been improved, but I don’t like a lot of the changes: Birthdays and events being in the same box, for example. My biggest complaint is the my “profile” has been reduced to just my mini feed and my wall, and you have to tab to see my information, etc. i think making the mini-feed so huge is taking it to a whole new stalker level. and I don’t think the wall or the feed is the most interesting part of a person’s profile; I think the personal information is the most important, usually i’m looking for my friend’s email address, or checking out someone’s musical tastes, not reading their gab with freinds. also i think it’s weird that status has been given like PRIME importance in the new facebook. they made the box HUGE, and put it right on top on both the profile and home pages.

these are some concrete reason i DON’T like it. I’m tired of people just saying “it’s ugly/it’s pretty” or “it was better before” WHY?!?!?!

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It looks like there are strings of thought here. Those who used it before and saw it through the upgrade and those who only signed on after the upgrade.

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The old one lot better. It messed up all of my old programs. I had syndication and my business on there. Now every thing has been removed. It is harder to find stuff in the new facebook. It messed all my old application which is really the main problem I have with the new version. An upgrade should be done without messing up the users applications.

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I’ve been out of sync with facebook lately so I haven’t had a chance to check it out. So far when I do go there I’m just a little lost.

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Aside from how it looks, there are some real usability gaffes with the new design. For instance, there’s no reason to have two profile links in the top nav bar (one that says “profile” and one that says one’s name), especially when one of those replaces a button as important as the Home link (which has been moved to where the old Profile button was). Also, when going between the Home page and profile pages, it looks like the whole site flips around. For the home page, the feed is on the left and there is a sidebar on the right. On any profile page, the feed is on the right and there is a sidebar on the left. That’s just poor design.

I agree that the tabbed profile seem like a good idea, but the reality is that it creates more pageloads, hence more adloads. That’s the point of the tabs—not to hide applications. But it is nice that the clutter has been reduced in that regard. I’m a little frustrated with the discrete Info tab, though.

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@willbrwan there is one already. In the app store!?!

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Arrrgh, I have ta be honest. I don’t use facebook for anything because I find it useless. Tis just an opinion. I just didn’t seem to see what th’ fuss was, but I guess daily users must nitpick it more than someone who just updates his status and sends a message now and then.

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Facebook isn’t really useless. It has almost anything a social network could ask for. I just think both of the designs are kind of ugly. The new Facebook is fine. I just wish they would hire some new graphic designers!

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upside of facebook…excellent way to collect and connect with friends from past and present…downside of the new look…it lacks personality and i find it difficult to find my groups….but as with all website revisions i will get used to it and thats all i can do… the only thing they should do is make it possible for all of us to make money while using it…like a copycat website is doing….

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I love the new facebook. People are saying its “messy” “unorganized” and “just plain ugly” But it’s actually more organized than the old facebook, and I think it looks better too. What annoys me more than the people complaining, is the people sending me all these group invites to join one of the 60 million “PROTEST FOR THE OLD FACEBOOK BACK” groups.

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I am waiting for the new version though.

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People need to suck it up, and get used to the new layout. My god people….just deal with it. I like the new interface, and I love the new tab they created for all the aps so I don’t have to scroll through tons of crap on someones profile.

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Just because there was an old, and there is now a new, doesn’t mean the new is good. And if the old was bad, and the new one isn’t as bad as the old. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still bad.

Obviously we have to get used to it for now. That doesn’t mean it is good.

Were just discussing it here. It is indeed functional. It does work. The tabs are good. But there is a ton of really simple stuff that could be done to make it a whole lot better.

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the facebook profile page was resembling a myspace profile page, lots of apps and goofy shit going around in the same page,.. a mess. now everything is on its own place, so its more cleaner. I rapidly got a grip on it, no trouble and no complains. but, hey, its fine to me, i dont know about the other people…. dont like it? get a blog, a mypace, i dont know… like tv: just switch the channel, man

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Anyone find it’s funny that myspace copied facebook and now facebook is copying myspace?

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i’ve always think that in the future (maybe 10 years from now, or less) we will have ONE thing that does everything. kind of a cellphone/mp3/web/profile/internet/swiss knife/id/computer/pda/health thing/money/house appliance/book/everything stuff… that does everything. and be everything.

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@ manuel_alarcon – I totally agree with you. and $10.00 bucks says I leave mine in a booth at a restaurant.

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I HATE it, but i’m dealing.

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i havent logged in in like 6 months

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I can live with it, but I like it better before because it felt original and simple, now it’s a My Space Clone to me.

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To me Facebook has never had quite a good taste in design. They need to hire better designers.

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i think that facebook is different than all the other websites you could think of like myspace and all these other look-a-likes…

yeah the new look is kind of retarded, i liked the old look, it had a more distinctive look to it and it was pretty easy to manage once you got the hang of it

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start from scratch… whtas going on with FB?

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@AlbertKinng This thread was started way back in September. Facebook undergoing another revamping, but this thread is about the redesign before the latest one.

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Way way way too much spam.
Different kinds of updates are all blurred together- I can’t tell a status change from a wall post from something some dumb application did.
The year-ago model was the best.

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the only problem i have with facebook really is that if i’m not on for a week or so, i never know when people comment me! i like that myspace pops up a little “new comments” thing, but with facebook, i have to search through the feed or my wall for new things.

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@tiffyandthewall: Facebook has “notifications”—it looks like a little red flag in the lower right corner of your screen. It tells you all the new things relevant to you that have happened since you logged in, like friends commenting on your wall, your status, your pictures, your notes, etc, or anything that you’ve commented on. Have you not seen this feature??

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