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Take my private jet for a spin plus 10k spending money - good for one weekend only - where will you go and what will you do?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) August 4th, 2011
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I would go to North Carolina with some loved ones and spend time on the beach,maybe visit a gallery or two.:)

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I’d go check out a F-1 race where ever they’re running that weekend. Monaco preferably.

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Ibiza, while I’m still young, to drink and hook up with ladies lol.

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I’d take my two best friends to Cinque Terre and eat seafood and pasta and wander around.

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I’ve always wanted to visit Spain. I also would to see the Louvre and perhaps Greece.

So, I guess the itinerary would go something like:

Depart such that I arrive in Paris in the early morning, Enjoy a nice breakfast in a Paris Cafe’, Spend most of the day at the louver, leave early enough to fly to Spain to arrive in time to enjoy a breathtaking sunset and the finest dining experience and nightlife that Spain has to offer, the next morning, pop over to Greece and spend the day seeing some ancient ruins, enjoy a nice Greek dinner, and fly home Sunday night.

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As @Blackberry goes to Ibiza, I go to Hongkong or Japan. Same plans. Lol.

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Fly to Canada and beat the shit out of Nickleback. If I had the time I would work over the Beiber kid while Bryan Adams and Meatloaf watched.

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I’d take my hottie on a quick shopping spree to Macy’s for some fancy threads to get all decked out for the trip, then hop the jet to Leukerbad Switzerland for some Fresh Lowenbrau and a dip in the hot springs followed by naked snow angels and some Grecco Roman Wrestling back in the room. Repeat as needed till time to go home.

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I’d be grounded unfortunately, due to a serious, debilitating condition known as Toochickenshittofly.

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@ucme :: The odd thing is cars scare me a lot more than planes. I get in a car about 20 times a year. I don’t count buses in that.

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@johnpowell Oh there’s no doubt it’s an irrational fear, but I still come up with a smart arse answer when told of the stats involving air/road accidents.
My cockeyed justification is that at least if you’re about to have a crash in a car you have a chance of surviving, whereas….....

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I would go to the Monaco Grand Prix with @Adirondackwannabe :)

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That would solve my “I wanna go to Newcastle” problem. I’d probably blow all of the money on expensive living.
Less realistically, I’d see about visiting Italy again. You can do a lot of damage with 10k, even with the horrible dollar/euro exchange rate.

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@downtide Let’s do. Cough it up zen.

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Changed my mind… Roatan

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