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If you could instantly be anywhere on the planet for one hour right now where would it be?

Asked by Dog (25014points) May 12th, 2009

Where would you go? What would you do?
Remember you only have ONE hour and then you are back.
Nor can you put yourself into any situation like a movie star’s bed as you would likely be arrested.

Note that this is not TIME travel.
This is right now travel.

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I would just stay here. It suits me fine – I have already traveled quite a lot. Maybe on one of the islands in the Whitsundays that have some pleasant memories for me. (That is still here – in the same state.)

An hour is not enough time to be worth getting excited about.

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Right now, Just for an hour? Id probably say NYC with my boyfriend, I miss him, and hes gone for 2 weeks, We’d have time to eat something together at least (=

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I would be with my man on a beach in Southern California or Hawaii watching my boys play in the waves.

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I would be on the Scottish Coast. Walk the beach for my hour and breathe.

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No, I just thought of something better. An hour in the “Top Secret” Parliamentary Archives could be very rewarding. I could make (well paid) headlines for years with the information there.

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For one hour?
I don’t care, as long as it’s sunny and warm, and has tall frozen drinks. One hour of nothing but narcisism? Yes, please!

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On the coast of Somalia in a small boat that is about to take over a large boat. It would be interesting and I would vanish in a hour. Good times as long as I didn’t have to kill anyone.

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If I only had an hour? Some fantastic restaurant in Paris.

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@syz I’ll join you at that restaurant because I was going to go to Paris too, to see my son and daughter-in-law one last time as non-parents. The baby is due in three weeks!

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I would go to my fathers grave in California and tell him about my life for an hour.

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probably africa or paris or london.

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The Jewish ghetto district in Venice, Italy. There’s a fourteenth century monestary-turned inn. It’s just past midnight now. I’d sit at the cafe with my wife and listen to the boats sway gently in the water.

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“I would be on the Scottish Coast. Walk the beach for my hour and breathe.”

I’ve never been to Scottland, but yeah. That sounds like exactly where I want to be. Walking the beach along the Scottish Coast. :)

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I’d like a ticket to Paris too. I’ve been there once, for a week. Fond memories. It’s a beautiful city.
Plus I like France and French culture in general. :)

I wouldn’t want to go now, though – I need to get some sleep first.

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My Mothers womb.

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The top of Mt. Everest.

I’m too chickenshit to make the climb myself.

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I’d go with jonsblond and demand we make snow angels. But if I couldn’t, I’d go here a beach in Thailand, and seeing as it’s like, 2AM there right now..

I’d frolic in the waves all naked like and roll around on the sand.

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Come on people. These things are easy to do. Save up a few bucks every day and you can do this stuff. I saved three grand for Europe and I made 7$ per hour. My point is that you have dreams that are actually really easy to do. Drive less, fuck Starbucks, and pack your lunch. You can spend time where you want to be in a few years.

Allie and I will babysit while you are gone.

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Top ‘o the Great Pyramid, with Egypt stretching out around me. MM-hm.

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I’d want to be somewhere that would really confuse people, like inside some super-secure vault or secret government compound. Maybe Area 51. Or the Oval Office. The whole idea would be to cause some havoc and confusion, get arrested, and then completely vanish in an hour. How fun would it be to create that kind of astonishment? Unless they shoot to kill in those situations and don’t bother to arrest you, then that would kind of suck.

If that’s not a valid option, I’d like to spend that hour hanging out with my best friend from college. I live in CT, and she lives in MI, so we don’t see each other often enough. We could just sit in her living room, drink some beers, and shoot the shit. Maybe get some Taco Bell and pretend we’re still in college. I’d love that!

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Beside a waterfall somewhere in the Columbia River Gorge. Hard to choose an exact spot.

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Ireland, with a friend.

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@johnpowell: Holla.

Roommate and some friends are about to start grilling, and I have a nice glass of wine sitting next to me and good music playing. I think I’d stay right here.

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@MissAusten if you really want to confuse people, determine how long it took to reach the ground from a really tall building, make sure that you had a very accurate chronometer on, set the alarm so that it sounded a couple of seconds short of that time remaining from the hour. For the early part of the hour you could climb onto the roof and then talk to the people who were trying to get you down about being sold a magic spell that would prevent you from being killed no matter what you did. When the alarm goes off – jump. You will disappear a few feet above the ground. If that doesn’t confuse them – nothing will.

You will be able to make a fortune selling magic spells on eBay. (No more invulnerability ones though…)

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My official answer: I’d love to go to the North Pole, or the Antarctic. Explore some glaciers. See the frozen waves up close. I’d like to have total freedom to go where I want and do what I want.

My unofficial answer: Never never land. That must be a fun place.

P.S. – I’d love to babysit.

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@DarkScribe – they sell magic spells on ebay? Dude.

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One hour? An interview with Mark Thompson, Director-General of the BBC, and pitch my show(s).

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@johnpowell You make life sound simple. It’s not.

I’d want to go some place like this with my husband. And just sit and hold each other, and watch.

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@casheroo – wow. Maybe I’ll change my answer. On top of that, I love Chinese food. Wow.

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@nikipedia Not for everyone. Not everyone can even save a penny every day. You must be lucky if every single penny doesn’t go towards food or shelter…but, thats how it is in my house.

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In Tyra Banks’ bed.

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@casheroo: I’m with ya on this one. We’re very frugal, have only one kid, and we support my elderly in-laws. I have a very reasonable mortgage, but I need to save for the munchkin’s college (and wedding?) and I’d like to retire someday. Every dime has a destination at this time.

I lurve my life, but simple it ain’t.

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If I could go after I slept for a while, I pick The Louvre.

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I’d like to make it clear that my answer was in reference to Peter Pan, not Michael Jackson.

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I love you, Allie. :P

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I <3 you too. And Peter Pan.

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I would go to see the Statue of Liberty. I’ve always wanted to see her.

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@knitfroggy – And they’ve just re-opened the crown this week, too! It’s lovely.

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@aprilsimnel that’s awesome. it’s always been a dream of mine to see the Statue of Liberty.

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This morning I would take my hour and go to England for breakfast in a country inn.

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@Allie You can have both! :P

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@jonsblond Hahahaha! That made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Thanks, but I’ll pass on the MJ part. P.S. – “No, that’s ignorant.” Good episode.

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I would be on Galveston Island with my girl. It’s not the prettiest beach, nor is the water all that clean, but there’s an art district on the island, and a certain feeling you get when you’re there. It just feels like home to me, and I would want to share that with her.

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@jaketulane Welcome to Fluther!

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on playa d’aro beach with a bottle of malibu…lots of pineapple juice And peace…

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Somewhere where it’s daytime since I can’t sleep anyway :(

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@Judi Me neither… but at least it is daylight here now. Just about 7 AM.

Right now, I’d like to be in my husbands shirt pocket. Curled up in a warm little ball, sleeping like a baby. Does the power to transport instantly come with a shrinkage option?

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4:09 here she stares blankley at the clock

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I’m thinking I might get to bed around 8am. :(

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I wish I could trade places with one of you ladies. I’m at work, got here at 530am. I want to be in bed still!

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@casheroo me too.

Today I would take my hour and hike among the giant redwoods of northern California.

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Now that I can sleep I have to get up!

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Lake side of Galilee in Israel, and the other half hour at the Garden Tomb where Christ resurrected.
Been to both places twice now, and would love to return.

One day for sure!

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