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If you "Great Answer" someone for giving a great answer to a question that later gets removed, does that person still get the lurve?

Asked by loser (15012points) May 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

Just wondering

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Its usually still in my lurve.

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seem like it does, yes.

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I have a lot of phantom lurve.

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lol…..that’s a nice name for it, “phantom lurve” a few too.

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KEVBRO! Great Answer! “Phantom Lurve”! Fucking classic!

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Did xxporkxsodaxx just get phantom lurve? ha ha!

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I’m thinking yes but I could be wrong.

I keep up with how many points I get, I will get a great answer and my number won’t change…anyone know why?

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It happens to me too sometimes. I think it takes a while to show up.

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I think it’s the limit of lurve any one person can give or something. Basically it gets maxed out.
Happens to me all the time.

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i asked ben about this a while ago. He said

“We put in a maximum number of points a user can give another user…
this means you can get a vote from a user but not actually increase
your score (because you’re already at the maximum). We put this in
place to make it harder for new users to have ‘tea-parties’ and
rapidly increase their scores, but great users often now don’t get
points even when they have great answers.”

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I suppose it makes sense… still see what you get marked for, even if your score doesn’t increase.
Still think it’d be interesting to see who likes your answers (ie. who gave you a Great Answer hit)

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no it wouldnt. Because then say i saw wildflower gave me a great answer i may be more inclined to great answer your next response even if it wasnt but just as a thank you. I think it would take some meaning out GA’s

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fair point…..I was more thinking it’d eliminate the need for people to say “so-and-so said it..” or “I think xyz is right”, because you’ve declared your opinion of the answer.
But then, it adds to the discussions when people build on others responses, I guess.

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