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If people were honest about their fears, wouldn't they be buying guns and ammo?

Asked by josie (30934points) August 7th, 2011

I read the paper and listen to the radio.
There is all of this talk and speculation that the US is about to collapse, that the dollar will become worthless, that the “world as we know it” is going to end.

So, the strategy seems to be take money out of the stock market, get into cash or buy CDs, or else buy gold.

But if the “world ends” none of that stuff will matter anyway.

If the “world ends” the only thing that will help you is a gun and some ammo.

But only a few lunatics talk that way. Most people just talk about cash and gold.

So, obviously, the people who imagine that the “world” is about to “end” are not really being honest. They are talking a certain talk, but not walking the walk.

What is that all about?

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Maybe, but seeds and gardening books seem even more appropriate. Maybe some books or lessons on finding wild food, hunting, trapping, fishing, etc. Water filters are a great idea. Guns and ammo are just one of the useful things for taking care of yourself.

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood survivalist.

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@incendiary_dan Knowledge is power after all @josie!

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How are guns and ammo going to help one if the world ends?
And the world isn’t going to end, it may get a bit tougher, financially, but that only means that one has to rethink buying that 30 inch flat screen, or going once instead of thrice for holidays.
We, in Europe, have this economical crisis for three, four years now, and the amount of stuff people put in their carts in supermarkets hasn’t got smaller.
Not to mention the annual spending on Sinterklaas (Santa Claus), fireworks, vacations, etc.
I wonder what the reaction of a Sudan inhibitant will be when they hear the heartbreaking news about our economical crises?

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@rebbel I know that many, many subsistance farmers around the world will rejoice.

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@rebbel My point exactly

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@josie – If you are getting this apocalyptic vibe from radio, it’s got to be conservative talk radio. We have 96.9 fm here in eastern MA. It’s really some of the most fringe conspiracy fear-mongering lunacy. I’m sure a ton of those people have guns and tons of ammo. Not sure what type of radio you have in your part of the world, but I sure hope it isn’t the flavor of batshit-crazy that 96.9 shits out.

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@tom_g If you think that’s something, you should hear 99.7 out of Providence, particularly late at night.

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I think many instructive lessons can be learned from Argentina ten years ago. Essentially, their economy collapsed. Life went on, just got different. I think things would change on a larger scale should the US economy collapse, since it’s much more central to the world economy (and the only thing likely to bring it down fully would be a sharp decline in oil production), but life will go on. And it could even get better.

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If people were serious about those kinds of fears then they would be out visiting all the people they cared about while they could as well as running down their bucket lists.

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Maybe it’s about the financial world instead, rather than the world itself. Makes sense to stock up on things that one may believe to have eventual value should the economy collapse completely.
But yeah, I’d feel a lot more safe with something to defend myself. A complete economic downfall could get pretty violent…

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