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Is Fluthering healthy for those people who have problems with anger?

Asked by josie (27383points) August 4th, 2011

It is fun to ask questions about politics, the economy and the current President. It frequently gets a pretty good conversation going.

But it also tends to attract a few jellies who clearly have anger “issues”.

I wonder…

Is it healthy, in a cathartic sort of way, for angry people to blow of some of their bile in a political thread.

Or is it unhealthy, in the same way that it might be considered unhealthy for an alcoholic to hang out in bars.

I would hate to be part of the problem. I would rather be part of the solution.

You know what I mean?

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Better for one to blow their top online then someone else’s head on the streets.

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I guess it depends.

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People are responsible for their own emotions.
It’s not your fault damnit. ;)

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If someone wishes to pop a blood vessel then that’s their business, me i’m just here for the crack… the seismologist said to the onlooker

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I don’t know that it is good for anyone to blow their top and let loose.

It is far more effective to acknowledge your angry feelings and use them for some effective purpose…both on-line and IRL.

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What the hell kind of question is that!?! Grrrr!~

Nah. I think it depends on the person, really. It probably is good for some people to blow off steam here, rather than the alternative. If it makes you feel worse, then it’s probably bad. I’m sure it depends on the individual circumstances… as with most things.

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Good question. Sometimes I get super frustrated/mad at Fluther. Other times, like now, I’m super frustrated/mad about life, so coming on Fluther is comforting since Jellies will never betray me (disagree, maybe). I think Fluther is a place where you can either inflate your emotions or take a break from them.

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Indeed. Better stress out where people have a chance to ignore you then to do things you’d later regret or things that cannot be reversed.

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I don’t think that the rage-aholics online are calm in their real lives. That sort personality is generally extreme every where.

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If no one blew their top around here that would take away a huge part of the fun! A good dust up now and then is pure entertainment! Plus I sense alot of what you see and might refer to as anger is pure show-boating!

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@Cruiser You’re probably right

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Where else can one call someone a racist and not get their mouth slapped?

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I don’t know if blowing your stack on fluther is healthy or unhealthy. I guess it depends on the degree to which ones stack is blown and whether it brings the person relief or not. I don’t think it is always healthy for those on the receiving end if people use fluther as some sort of pressure valve though.

I tend to see Fluther as a sort of microcosm of real life. The way people behave here is indicative of how they are in real life. You can only keep up a ruse for so long. In real life, people get frustrated and lose their tempers and then hopefully everyone moves on. The same happens here or people take their bat and ball, throw a tanty and leave or are banished (at least for a period of time). When people lose their rag in real life, sometimes it is a healthy thing, sometimes it is not. Depends on the person and the effect on them physiologically and psychologically.

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I see a lot of disagreement and name calling but I’m not sure I’d call it rage. It is better to have disagreement especially on political issues than to get on a site where everyone is of the same ideology and merely feeds each others anger. At least if you disagreeing, you’re also getting thier side of the issue (sometimes).

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Oh don’t worry about that, just take a risk! There’s a certain beauty in controversial questions, one that cannot be explained. How could you solve the issue if you can’t even speak your beautiful, thought-provoking mind regardless of its ‘destructiveness’.

It’s inevitable that debates may cause an unwanted fight, not everyone have to agree with someone, and vice versa. I, however, find posts with insult tone rather annoying.

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Sure. What’s the worst that can happen? Get banned?

It’s happened.

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I know a few people who’ve had to walk away from the site, either short-term or permanently, because the anger isn’t good for them. I think we can trust people to know that about themselves, though. And when we can’t, they can always be forcibly removed.

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Yes. A few jellies do have a nag for creating hostile environments

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I’m curious @josie how much of your question stems from people’s behavior in your threads? The reason I ask is sometimes your questions seem to be thinly veiled attempts at baiting “liberals” into arguments. I say seem because I think you’re a lot like Hypocrisy_Central in that you might not realize how you come off on here at times (semi troll-like, even though that is not your intention).

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Is it your position that my questions attract people who have problems with anger? That was part of my question.
Or that questions that bait “conservatives” do not?
Or that questions that bait “conservatives” are not semi troll-like (not sure what that means BTW)

Lot of stuff going on your comment. Just curious.
But you can look at my comments on lots of threads. I hold “liberals” and
“conservatives” in equally low esteem. I am neither.
Anyway, my last “political” question was Q of the Day. Couldn’t have too semi troll-like

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@josie I don’t think @FutureMemory was implying that other questions are not like that (such as those that bait conservatives), just that many of yours are. Many times, questions like that prompt great discussions. When they go too far towards baiting (on either side), we remove them as flame bait. If we thought you were an actual troll, you wouldn’t still be here.

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@augustlan, @FutureMemory This question is about anger, however.
Is this a healthy place for people who have trouble keeping it in check?
And my follow up question is “are certain people of a certain political stripe inclined to anger”?
But in response to you both, I am sort skeptical about the notion of “baiting” liberals or conservatives. Either of those groups are engaging in a sort of theatre and I think most of them know it. Certainly their beloved government representatives are. If they don’t know it, they are sort of hopeless. Or college kids. Conservatives or liberal citizens should be throwing really ripe tomatoes at politicians, and spare each other their anger, since we are all of us their victims.

It is not the same as race baiting, or gender baiting, which are not matters of personal choice. In that case, it would truly be baiting, and it is justification for anger.

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I think Fluther is actually good for people with anger issues. You can rant as much as you want, and if your rage crosses a line, you’ll be modded. So you either leave, or learn to channel your anger into more constructive discourse and debate. Should you succeed at that, you may have longer debates, but will still find it frustrating to deal with the responses you get. At that point, you’ll either leave or tone it down. So you’ll have learned some valuable social skills you may be able to apply elsewhere in your life.

Also, getting stuff off your chest can be cathartic. Eventually you may find you haven’t the urge to argue certain topics that you once did.

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A site like Fluther can be extremely good for people with anger issues, but it always depends. People can be angry, yet still be able to remain calm and check the shit, learn and get some advice, or get a much needed slap in the face. Make friends, get cool links, wtv.
For people who just want to rant and vent it all purely out, it may not be so good, either for them or others around.
I’m answering generally, rather than using some of the examples you gave about politics and all, just to make it easier lol. A lot of stuff can inspire and fire up anger, which may hide deeper stuff like insecurity and all. It may not be so good with those people, then again it may. Can’t say much, really, but I’m willing to bet some of what I said is valid in some closely related field or another.

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