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How would you describe yourself to someone else?

Asked by john65pennington (29187points) August 8th, 2011

I find it truly amazing that of all the people on the planet, none of us are exactly 100% alike in description, DNA, and fingerprints. We are like snowflakes….all different. Question: you are describing all your physical and good qualities to your bf or gf on Facebook. Are you telling them the truth or are you in a fantasy stage of “make-believe”. You are on the honor system, so what is your body portfolio?

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Geeky 15 year old boy with “Emo/Justin Bieber” hair. Smart, witty, loving, OCD control freak, athiest, gamer, tech lover, & regular Flutherer..

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6’ 4 or 5 inches.
205 lbs.
Brown hair eyes.
Good teeth
Good sense of humor
Good cook.
Good conversationalist. Fun at a party.
I assume I should leave out all the stuff that annoys jellies on Fluther.

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A lazy, loving, slightly humorous, acting cinephile with a thing for classic rock.

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6’, 208 lbs athletic build. Brown hair blue eyes. Hands like vice grips. Strong handsome and talented musician who likes to cook who will be your loyal friend for life as long as you don’t mess with me too bad.

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Self-descriptions are pretty much worthless in my opinion, unless it is fact-based and/or specific. When I interview people for a job, I take their self-descriptors with a grain of salt. How I may describe myself to a group of people sets a precedence for expectations that are different than what they eventually find.

I once took a 360 degree assessment where supervisors, peers, and those that reported to me filled out a report on how they viewed me in a bunch of categories. It was enlightening as to what they saw as my strengths and weaknesses. The report also included my own assessment and mapped out my rating compared the the collective’s.

Back to your question though. Nah, there isn’t any reason to embellish the truth. The avatar, the profile, and all of the answers posted on Fluther, Facebook, and the dating site I used to belong to are all real. Call it laziness, but it is just easier to stick with the truth than to remember lies.

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I describe myself as a renaissance redneck, and believe it is an accurate description.

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Nerdy/Dorky 14 year old girl who has a passion for books, music, Facebook, texting, writing, and blueberries. Whom also wants to dye her hair red.

Caution: May tend to talk a lot, and loudly.

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I am telling the truth, but I am spinning it. Can you tell what my spin is?

Short, fat and hirsute.
Difficult to be married to.
Indifferent son and sibling.
Bad memory.
Can not remember what I said yesterday.
Can not remember what I said yesterday.
Very intense.
Think too much.
Intolerant of those who will not think too much.
Somewhat “unique” take on morality.
Not a joiner.
Not generous with my time.
Unconventional thinker.
Not much of a drinker.
Few friends.
Tell the truth except when I lie.
Need a lot of love in order to feel good about myself. A lot of love.
Would-be writer unable to publish anything.
Concerned with issues of consciousness, how the brain works, and spirituality.
Concerned about people—individual and large groups.
Want to help folks get more out of their lives.
Special concern for the mentally ill.
Particularly interested in issues of public policy.
Pretty progressive political views.
A economist who can understand complex interactions between many variables.
A musician who plays trumpet/flugelhorn, dijeridu, recorder, harmonica, and djembe/percussion.
Love bicycle riding, dancing, diving, and ice skating—activities where the air rushes by and it feels like you are flying.
Father; very involved with my kids.
Gardener: hand weed my lawn as a form of meditation.
Compulsive collector and organizer.
Cook; love making pies; cook every night.
Love science fiction.
Amateur futurist.

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Fat, bald, alcoholic asshole with more issues than a twelve month subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Run while you can.

sorry ladies, i’m taken.

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Much like a ball, bouncy, fun, well rounded & the wife kicks me when i’m out of control, watch the rebound though, that’s all i’m sayin!

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Precisely engineered:
I’m like a golden sculpture with a radiance comparable to that of our Sun.

But looks aren’t everything and it’s all subjective!

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I am passionate, well-educated, well-read and intelligent. I have high standards and expectations. I have a very curvy body and am into making sure it moves well for my age through yoga and tango. I am great in bed, am uninhibited in most everything and will be the keeper of all your darkest secrets. You can trust me to offer a non-judgmental eye for all of yoru desires and urges. I am quite categorical at times because I place my philosophical beliefs above emotion and weakness. Take it or leave it.

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I tell them nothing.
My picture and words are right there.;)

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I love it. People sometimes can be honest(and sometimes not).

Morning Lucy.

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Somewhat nerdy, married mom who enjoys video games, movies and reading. I honestly enjoy cliched walks on the beach, especially under the moonlight, as I am a romantic at heart. I’m excessively moody and bitchy when riled. I have a strong pull toward Ireland, even though I’ve never been there.

I’ve got dark brown hair with deep green eyes and a crooked chin. I’m 5’2” and weigh 135 lbs. I’m embarrased by my “mom body”, but I can’t afford to do anything about it. I love violent thunderstorms and would love to dance naked in the rain, if it weren’t for my neighbors. I like dogs, but have a massive affection for and odd connection with cats. I’m addicted to junk food and chocolate.

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Funky, open minded, africano kid, loves food, is sensitive, likes boys I think also girls, enjoys some good music and blogging.

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When I tell them about me I start with some flaws and the bad aspects. If someone is interested into being my friend he/she has to look past these things. It’s pretty lame to put yourself into a good light and then later others to see your true self. I prefer starting from the bad then work it out till they can see the good aspects.

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Open Mind

Fierce Gaze :)

Medium, shaggy dark hair
Freckly skin
Green/Gold eyes

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100–110 lbs (I fluctuate depending on how hyper I am)
Petite build but with boobs
Black hair
Brown eyes
Olive skin

I’m rough & tumble, I’m elegant and all points in between. I don’t think I’m beautiful but I do think I’m “cute”. I’m animated and sometimes goofy with my friends. If I don’t know you though then I’m a watch and wait kind of person. Many of friends say I’m a better man than most even though I’m female. I like to live my values and ideals, sharing with the people closest around me.

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Quite shy at first, but a bundle of fun when at ease with a person. I’m open minded, like to read and write, can be sensitive at times but mostly in good control of my emotions. I am a very good listener, don’t tend to talk a l*ot* unless I’m giving a speech. I speak in a quiet manner and cannot stand narrow minded folks.
Really long hair, brown eyes, a nice smile and tall.

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An easily bored, easily excitable, very sensitive, geeky atheist thirteen year old girl. I’m 5’, with very fair, sensitive, freckly skin. I have light brown eyes and natural auburn hair. I weigh somewhere between 120–130 pounds. I like to talk and laugh a lot, music and art are important things in my life, and I love to read. And that is the truth.

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I was born in a ditch, I’m a horror fan and I hate everything else. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever had to describe myself in this particular manner before.

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I would rather eat at a buffet than go to a fancy pants restaurant any day. I love fresh brewed iced tea with no sugar or lemon. I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t freak out or preach when people eat meat, but it hurts my feelings when people feel like they have to make fun of me for being a vegetarian. No one would ever dream of coming out and saying some of the crap they say to me, if I was simply a Baptist, or a clog dancer or owned land tortoises (all things which are a conscious choice to make the person who does these things to be a better person for their own reasons) I love movies, but I usually don’t like the typical shoot ‘em up, super hero, crude teenaged boy humor type of movies that are always popular in the US. I would rather watch paint dry (and often have, because I love to paint) rather than watch any kind of sports other than figure skating and gymnastics, for which I have a passion. I would rather stay in than go out, but if I’m going to go out, I’d rather go out to dinner than to a party (unless it’s a family potluck, which I love to attend, but not typical drinking parties where there’s a bunch of strangers and loud music) I hate forced social situations, but I don’t mind going up to total strangers and striking up a real conversation, usually over the comice pears at the grocery store, or the hydrangeas at the nursery. I love trains, but I will never fly again, so please don’t go into all the details about how flying is safer than riding in a car or tell me how much I’m missing out by not being able to fly to Africa (I have no desire to go to Africa, but I would love to drive a motorhome to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon). I’m pretty good at organizing stuff, especially other people’s stuff, but I have a little bit of a hoarding problem and have a lot of sentimental attachment to all kinds of things. I can’t stand clutter or a dirty house, but it really doesn’t bother me if I visit someone else’s house that is cluttered or even dirty, as long as I don’t have to spend the night there. I enjoy organizing family parties, and work parties and vacation plans, but I prefer to work alone, because I have found that over the years that if you ask someone to help you (whether it’s to bring a certain dish, or show up at a certain time, or help me to set up or clean up, they’ll usually forget to bring the dish, not show up on time, or be dreadfully lazy, or disorganized that they simply cannot even set a dish on a table and put a spoon in it, so I end up having to do everything myself, anyway). I’m always the person that will come over and help you pack up your stuff and move you to a new aparment. If you need help getting your cat into the cat carrier, I’m your gal. If you need some help filling nail holes in your walls and sanding them and then painting your walls and doing a perfect hard line around your ceiling or where 2 colors come together, I’m your gal. If you need help clearing out the brush and weeds from your back yard, I’m your gal. If you need someone to take a whole bunch of pictures for your project and then have them oganized and at your disposal, I’m your gal. If you need someone to write a heartfelt, long winded, extremely descriptive statement about something I’m your gal. But don’t ask me to Facebook you, or go to a college football game or to eat chicken wings. I’m not that gal.

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Telling the truth:
5’3“ish, pink hair, blue eyes, and pale enough that people have actually stopped me to alert me to the fact that I am indeed white.
Quiet around most people I don’t know, but talks way too much around people I do know. Generally very anxious and rather moody, but outwardly almost bubbly. I get very caught up in things that I really like, and talk/think about them incessantly until people end up genuinely liking my favourite things as well.
I laugh a lot and make a lot of really awful jokes but find very few movies funny. I like going to concerts but I hardly ever go to the theatre. I don’t eat meat, I support equal rights and acceptance, and I think people should do whatever they please so long as it doesn’t harm others. I try to see things from every side and will consider other ideas, but I am firm in what I believe. My favourite hobbies are bothering my cats, and singing really poorly along to New York Dolls records and The Sound of Music soundtrack in my room when no one’s home.

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