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Has a singing telegram or anything similar ever been sent to your work to serenade you?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) November 19th, 2008

If so, who sent it, what was it, and how did you feel about it?

Does anyone do this anymore? If so, is it to make the other person happy, to annoy them, or to embarrass them?

Does anyone actually want a singing quartet to appear at their desk?

Do companies allow this to happen?

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Unfortunately, I have never been serenaded with a singing telegram or male quartet.

Once a boy sent flowers to the school at which I work. I felt pretty special that day. But then again, I’m pretty much a sap for anything romantic like that.

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I hated it! I had a delivery, he didn’t sing – but was in costume and was delivering flowers and candy. He read a poem. It didn’t help that it was someone that I really didn’t like, in fact we had just broken up. Let’s see, my son is 5, so it was at least 9 yrs ago.

I’m funny about these things, though. I’m not huge on big deliveries of flowers and I’m not big on surprises. I don’t want anyone to sing to me in a restaurant and I don’t want an ad taken out on my 40th birthday.

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My adviser’s wife is an elementary school teacher, and every year on Valentine’s Day she sends a group of her students come up to the department and sing to him. One year we were in the middle of a group meeting, and these kids came in and sang in front of all of us. And last year they were out in the middle of the hall so everyone could hear. I think because it happens every year, he isn’t embarrassed by it. But it sure it funny.

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Back in high school, the student’s council raised some funds by having a “Candygram” delivery service around Christmas, where you paid $2 and designated your ‘target’, then the council members delivered candy canes and a song door to door during class time.

I hated it so much. Not only was it a sham of a popularity contest, as all students council events ever were, but it disrupted class time to highlight the ability of some people to waste money on stupid things. Just thinking back to this event has made me disgusted again. Ugh.

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i did that to my mom at work. it was chrismas time and she was feeling kind of blue so i sent in this gorilla and she loved it. it really helped her out. she had the greatest day after that she said. she was abit embarrassed at first but she had a great time after it. she was very thankful for me doing that for her.

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for my 9th birthday, my dad was out of town, so to make up for it, he sent a guy dressed up as a chicken to my party. Me and my freinds spent most of the party punching him.

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When I was in my 20’s I worked for Ye Old Valley Crier Singing Telegram Service. I dressed in a Little Bo Peep costume and sang, mostly “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby.” I sat on a few laps, rubbed a few bald heads and made a lot of guys blush!
Until I just wrote this I never saw how I might have been accused of being a lap dancer! They weren’t that popular back then! Trust me, this was more innocent flirtation than anything erotic, I promise!!

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Funny story about that. When I was in high school, I used to work for a singing telegram service. Well, one time, I was supposed to sing “Baby, I need your loving” to this girl. I sang the song, and after I was done, the girl started hitting on me.

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@Wine3213: Are you a boy or a girl?

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No, and I think I would most definitely run and hide at about that point, I hate being in the spotlight for anything!

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I had one sent to my ex-boyfriend’s work, on his birthday. He was feeling kind of ‘blah’, and I was hoping that it might cheer him up. It embarrassed the hell out of him, but it definitely got him smiling for the rest of the day, along with all of his fellow employees. They were all, of course, let down when they found out she wasn’t a stripper. His boss even set up an entire back room for him, just in case.

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I’m feeling soooooo guilty. I sang in a quartet that delivered singing Valentine’s for years and years. I found that the women recipients loved the attention, and the men hated it.

We never had any problem getting access to our “beloved” victim. We tottered in high heels across more hazardous factory floors than I care to recollect. The helpful coworkers at some places led us through areas we had no business being in to surprise someone. Schools, banks, hospitals, private homes… we were allowed everywhere. It’s rather scary if you think about it.

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Yes – Valentine’s Day. I’m a college teacher, married thirty years. Last year a small group of female singers surprised me in one of my classes with song and chocolates from my husband. The singers are a local acappella group, terrific musicians, and while we were all impressed with their voices it was clearly a collision of worlds in a very public place. At the time I was embarassed. Looking back, I think it was very memorable and romantic.

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@Diva, what a great opening scene for a spy movie. The high-heeled, scantily dressed quartet winks and flirts its way through a secured area in order to serenade someone on Valentine’s Day—only when they reach their destination, all hell breaks loose.

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@Jeruba, sounds like you’ve hired us in the past ;-)

Wardrobe malfunctions and one person constantly forgetting words. Sheesh!

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My high school had a rose sale to raise money for student council on Valentine’s Day, and plenty of people sent them. But one year, they decided to supplement this with singing telegrams. A random person would show up and sing ‘You are My Sunshine’ (the only song option at all) in the middle of classes. Not many were sent, and the ones that were led to extremely awkward moments in the middle of a few classes.

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I sent one to my sweet wife on Valentines a couple of years ago. It was a group of women, singing acapella, and they sang our song to my wife. She called crying because she said they did such a beautiful job, and then thanked me for a very long time. I sent it out of love, not trying to embarass her, and she understood that. I still get teased about being such a sweet guy from her co-workers, but I’m fine with that. It made my wife happy, and that was the point.

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Super cool!
My ex came to the front office of my company w/ his cell ph. playing ‘My Girl’.
We danced Right there in front of the security entrance.
Man, that guy really loved me.
That makes me feel good-thinking about that.
Thanks for that gurls…u rock!

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i have performed a few singing telegrams. they all seemed well-received, but the most recent one was spectacular. a friend had pooled money to buy a plane ticket for her date to go somewhere she really wanted to go for her birthday. i was asked to present the information in a song. my friend wrote the lyrics, they were really clever and catchy, i put them to music with accordion accompaniment. the recipient knew something was happening at 5 pm at her place of work (a tattoo parlor) but had no idea who would show up. she was relieved to see me but still totally nervous. when i got out the accordion she was just like “oh my god!” she was so moved by the whole thing i actually got choked up and almost started crying in the middle of it. i have really never seen someone look so incredibly happy. she was so overwhelmed that people she loved had gone to this much trouble to buy her this plane ticket and to announce it to her in this way… when i was done she was collapsed on the couch, going “i am so in love. this is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.” then she took me out to coffee. it was great.

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A few years ago my husband sent me a singing telegram at work. We were dating at that time. I was working at the District Court and was covering the first session. A very busy court room. As I was speaking to the judge about my case a gentleman, dressed in a tuxedo and carrying a dozen of bright colored balloons came strolling in. I just new they were for me. I must of turned at least three different shades of red. Luckily for me the judge thought it was funny and everyone enjoyed the singing. It was quite embarrassing but my friends at the court still bring that day up in conversation.

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I’m one of the drama club sponsors at the high school where I teach, and this year, we allowed the students to send Shakespearean sonnets, which were delivered by members of the drama club. The reactions thus far have been mixed. :)

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More importantly…Does anyone actually have the number to a singing telegram service? ;)

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Sigh… How romantic….

And yet… How embarrassing… Haha…

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i hope i’ll be allowed to be part of this- off topic some. a boy i dated who moved away for college sent me a letter asking me to marry him-1975. i knew it was fake but i sent him a telegram saying yes,yes,yes. he didn’t like it so much. i had flowers delivered to me at work once from a blind date that hadn’t been so great.—embarrassed and angry. place of business is place of business

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Someone who liked me from another city sent someone to serenade me on my birthday. Good thing it was lunch time there were less people at work. But i was so embarrassed. I turned red all throughout the day. The ‘oldies’ at work teased me about it for the next three days.

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The only thing that I think of when I see singing telegram is from Clue. When the killer opens the door . . . “da da da da da da! I am you’re singing telegram.” Otherwise, I’ve never gotten one.

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I once received a telegram at work from a guy I had just broken up with. I can still remember it: Your lips are like roses, your eyes like green grass, if you don’t take me back, you can stick this up your a*se. It cracked me up! and…..yes, I did take him back.

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No! I would love to though ahahah

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@py_sue Dying to know…did you marry him???

It’s simple. People either love or loathe the public attention.When I was in a manager position, I would find out what each employee preferred and recognize them in the style that they would like.

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No, I have never received one. But i know a friend who received one at work and he seemed quite excited about it.

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I’ve never received one and probably would not enjoy it, as I don’t enjoy being the center of attention.

However, receiving flowers at work? That’s one of my favorite things!

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