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Where to stay in Barcelona and Madrid?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) August 9th, 2011

Visiting this September. Looking for something better than a hostel but don’t want to pay for unnecessary luxury. Just need a hotel that’s centrally located (2–3 days in Barcelona, center of the city, close to the metro; 2–3 days in Madrid near Puerta del Sol), safe and not expensive (Both cities $75—$100 per night for 2 people). By the way, are rentals worth it for such short stays? Thanks.

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I just shared your question with poisonedantidote who lives in the Spain area and is in the hotel business. Let’s see what he suggests.

As for rentals, my guess is that you could probably get a decent price for that time period, albeit a short stay. Any rate will also depend upon any special events happening in the area at that time. When searching for a place to stay in an area that I’ve never been to before, I use the online travel sites. They are really good at providing customized recommendations based upon location and rate. The reviews are helpful as well. If that doesn’t work, contact a travel agent that specializes in Spain.

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In Madrid: Hotel Ballesta…
in BCN: Aside the “Diagonal” there are a lot of good and economic Hotels…

Have fun in that wonderful cities…

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When I traveled to Barcelona I rented an apartment in Barceloneta, which is in the beach area. It’s walking distance to the old Gothic Quarter and also to the Expansion, which is mostly architecture from the 18 and 1900’s. Barceloneta was nice because you could hang out at the beach a lot, but it’s pretty modern. I think if I returned, I would rather stay somewhere older. The Gothic Quarter was amazing!

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