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Someone complimented you on a body part and you find it odd/unusual (the compliment); which body part was it?

Asked by Jude (32101points) August 17th, 2011

My g/f and a few past g/fs said that I have a sexy nose. I don’t get it.

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I used to know a boxer who practically was in love with my wrists. Even the most normal compliment seems strange to me most of the time, I always suspect they are trying to manipulate me some how.

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I’ve received compliments on my jaw lol…..that was really wierd, but from what I understand, a certain type of jaw is seen as masculine or something.

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My hands.—Although, in the last few years they have gotten a few “freckles.”(Sounds better than age spots.)

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I know it’s not an odd body part, but will everyone please stop ninja feeling my ass!

I’ve too told by my old buds that my ass is nigh the perfect chick ass… and everyone wonders why I never get wasted around other people…

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My mother-in-law is smitten with my feet, but I don’t agree. I get complimented on my posture quite a bit (and I know that’s not a body part, but it is the part my body plays).

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My eyebrows/cheekbones

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@picante Oh yeah, posture is important. Sometimes posture alone makes someone hot lol.

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My fingers.
The compliment being that they have nice, well manicured and hard nails (girls apparently love that (to have them themselves)),and, along with my hands, are slender and they’d make for great piano players hands.

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“You have freakishly thin legs!”

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I love your split ends! not really, but I couldn’t resist

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Would you believe scars?

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@Adirondackwannabe I can believe that, there is that old saying “chicks dig scars”. I’ve also heard some women say they don’t like men with soft hands. Some want rough, calloused, working men.

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Nothin’ wrong with a compliment or two. :)

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I like a women with strong arms and a strong back.

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@Jude A strong back is extremely hot.

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Someone once told me I had a cute ass.

A powder puff would have knocked me over!

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My beautiful blue eyes…really took me by surprise too until the bartender whispered to me that he didn’t think this was my kinda bar and nodded towards the guy who paid me that compliment.

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My eyelids. Like a canvass for a make-up artist. But I rarely use heavy make-up so..

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@Blackberry ; I have a hard time with soft hands on men.

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I am a man and I get compliments on my lips and eyelashes.

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I have gotten many many compliment on my calves and never totally under stood it.

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@Judi I have some man hands from my manual labor as a deck hand years ago. Picture me throwin those lines on the pier, and painting the side of a huge ship in the yard (argh). Lol.

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My intestinal fortitude
and it’s lovely carrying case.

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The strangest one has to be my knees— I used to be very compact and muscular and a bodybuilder complimented my knees because he said they were perfect for body building. A missed calling? Ugh- I couldn’t do it!

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My fingers. They say it’s shaped like a woman’s.

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@creative1 Calves are hot cankles are not! Just saying…

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@Cruiser don’t got cankles lol

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For my smile. I have a slight gap between my two front teeth.

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My toes are cute?!

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An old boyfriend used to say that my whole body was beautiful except for my feet which were jsut cute. Where did that guy go?

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My penis.

I don’t think it’s anything exceptional yet I got a compliment.

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My high school weight lifting coach said I had “hot quads” (I was winning bets against the guys on the leg press machine) and started calling me legs. It was strange, but flattering at the same time.

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Have to add, my g/f has a sexy nose, as well. It’s a cute Hungarian nose with a wee bump on it (near the bridge). I want to bite the tip of her nose!

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My feet which I’ve always disliked because years of running mishaped the small toes- my fiancee has always liked my feet (not in the fetish way). It’s still weird sometimes when I’m sitting on the edge of our bed and he’ll come over, grab a foot and kiss it or give it a quick rub.

My bottom lip. An ex of mine used to pinch it and say, “boogee boogee” then give it a kiss. He said that was his favorite little spot.

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A few odd places I’ve been complimented on were my calves, eyelashes, nose and . . . earlobes?
(The person complimenting my earlobes was a high school English teacher. She then started rubbing them in the middle of class. I had nightmares for weeks.)

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@Prosb: Funny about your teacher! I had an art class teacher who later became a social friend of the family that he used to dream about my disembodied teeth, remembering them as being so white. That’s so weird, I all but forgot about it.

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@zen I didn’t expect you to tell everybody!!

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@Cruiser What are you on today? I’ll have some!

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@janbb Great minds! I was thinking the same. I will stand in line for whatever it is!

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@janbb They are called aspirin and I am all out!

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<going to take some wink, wink aspirin now> Did someone spike your coffee?

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@SpatzieLover Maybe it was the oregano in the Cobb Salad…looked and tasted different that what they normally put on it! ;)

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you have beautiful knuckles, they’re so evenly spaced!

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A waitress last summer told me I had great skin. I have never thought so….opposite actually. I do tan easily and my skin is olivey but I’d never call it nice because I have a lot of freckles and moles. I think I notice them more than most people do, though. I thought it was a really nice compliment because at the time we were lost in Nevada and I had a horrible stomach ache.

Along those same lines, I had a mole at the end of one of my eyebrows that people always complimented. I of course hated that mole. It is now removed with a much worse scar in its place. :)

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I had someone tell me my nose was “cute”, but that was probably because I had just told them I thought it was too big. Likewise, someone complimented me on my butt once, but that was right after I had said I thought it was so flat to the point of almost being nonexistent. :P

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@Cruiser You never said it was in confidence. Sorry.

Correction: someone thinks my, um, earlobe is sexy.

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@zen somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better! No more compliments for you sir!! XD

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Girls used to whistle at me when I was running track. They liked my legs, even though I wasn’t a fast runner. It took a long time to realize they were whistling at me.

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My hair. Never got why until the gals cutting it would say it and then I found out why. It’s really thick and apparently that is a good thing. Not if I try to drag a plastic comb through it and loose pieces of it in there.

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my calves…..

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My spine.

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I always get compliments on my voice when I’m near death with my seasonal allergies – I guess some people think it sounds sexy? I always thought I sounded like a 3 pack a day smoker

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My unusually large…


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I am 58 and the last couple of years I have had a handful of men
nicely come up to me and said “I don’t think you have any idea how
beautiful you are.” What does that exactly mean? It wasn’t a pick
up line just a nice gesture.

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@MooCows I can only speak from a 55 yr old perspective as “seasoned men” will be able to better appreciate the natural beauty of a woman or even a man for that matter who has aged gracefully and exhibited that age is not something you have to go out of your way to hide.

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