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Where lies your Nostalgia Avenue?

Asked by rebbel (31238points) August 18th, 2011

In which decade, or more precise, in which year is your Memory Lane, your Nostalgia Avenue located?
When you hear a song from that year, you get the butterflies in your stomach again for a second, you feel how you were ‘in love’ with your primary school teacher, you remember the hot choco you drank with your granny…..
For me 1978 was the year.
With Tell Me Your Plans from the Shirts, Greased Lightning by John Travolta, MacArthur Park by Donna Summer, Do You Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart, to name a few.
With one song ‘I am back’ playing with my Harley Davidson construction set, with an other I feel how i wanted to marry the singer of that band.
So, what is your year?! Which song stood out?! Nice little story/memory?!

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It’s renamed “selective memory street”

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Senior year.
Piling in cars to go to shows all the time: Fugazi, Pixies, Ramones, The Feelies, Circle Jerks, Bad Brains, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Revolting Cocks, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Think Tree, Sonic Youth, NIN, and many, many others (and tons of all-ages punk/hardcore shows).

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1983— Open Arms by Journey takes me back to the roller skating rink when I was 12, waiting for the cute guy to ask me to couple skate.

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When I fell in love…
(have to think about a song…)

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@rebbel Will you marry me?

Sometime in the early 90’s. Can’t pinpoint the year. I hung out with the stoners and metalheads. This song and this song. My boys all had long hair and were skinny as hell. The girls weren’t into the metal. We just went along with the guys to the shows. The boys would play air guitar in their underwear (together. I didn’t get it). I played euchre at lunch and skipped school lots. I’m surprised that I graduated.

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@Jude If I were a Mormon I would!
And if Mrs. rebbel agree :-).

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That was one hell of a year.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I agree…, wasn’t that also the year the Rolling Stones were the top of the bill?

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The summer after graduating college I knew was the last summer I would have with little to no responsibilities and was asked by this really cute girl if I would be interested in driving her 5 hours to a Blue Grass Festival and I thought why the hell not! Piled in my truck and headed North for 4 straight days of unbridled fun in the North Woods with the Ozark Mountain Daredevils headlining the fest.

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@rebbel nope, but it was probably one of the most turbulent years in all of recent history. It was also one of the most exciting.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard But you weren’t there to witness it, right?
I always had you a bit younger.

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@rebbel oh I’m only 21. I was born in 1990. Your question didn’t explicitly say that we had to experience the year we mention. And it’s really rather common for people to experience nostalgia about eras in which they didn’t live.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You are right, it didn’t say that, and of course everybody is free to go back to which ever year they please.
Good choice, 1919!

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I have a few years like that thus far.

1986 – That was my best year of high school, and Walk Like an Egyptian will remind me of that year.

1992 – I had a great internship that year in NYC,and I heard I’m Too Sexy everywhere.

1997 – I went to so many great shows that year, I can’t list a song. made a lot of good friends I still have now here then, too.

2004 – That was the year I went to 3 or 4 of the best shows in my life, one of them being Franz Ferdinand’s first American gig in Brooklyn.

I expect many more good years to come, though, so, yay!

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Black Sunday, August 1, 1943.
Operation Tidal Wave in a B-24 Liberator Bomber.
Fuel stream out from bullet ridden fuel tanks of the crippled B-24.
Flames from the earlier bombers on the Axis oil refinery in Ploesti Rumania flare higher than the B-24’s low level bombing approach. Pilots From other B-24’s see and report the impending doom but their warnings are to no avail.
Such bravery, courage, and gallantry.
Bombs away on target.
Crash landing.
Only one crew member survives and the memories and the Medal of Honor.

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I don’t remember sometime between 1963 an 1976.
They use to say “if you remember the… you weren’t there” – - – Robin Williams.

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Year of the Cat album ~ Al Stewart
Rumours album ~ Fleetwood Mac
Joan Armatrading self titled album ~ Joan Armatrading

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Can I just say the ‘70’s. Cream, Santana, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, first lovemaking, graduated from college, first real job, first marriage, first divorce. Ah, memories.

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I remember spring /summers as a kid with my family. Certain perfect summer or spring days bring me back to days playing in the park with my family on a picnic. Laying on the blanket on the grass and looking up at the clouds in the sky. Rolling on dark long silky grass and climbing huge rocks and sliding down using a cardboard box and climbing trees and jumping down them on a hillside. You had to land just right so you could tumble and not twist your ankle and then roll down the hill. Listening to my mother yell when she would catch us, saying how we are going to be the death of her and we would run off till she cooled down. Watching my dad conspire with us and then turn to my mom like he was just as surprised by our behavior.
Ahh, those were the days. Family, fun, laughter, freedom, no responsibilities. Just pure joy and a lot of love. There was also days at the beach. The long train rides on the way back home just seemed like the perfect end to a perfect tiring day of joy. Sometimes we were so tired my mom and dad had to carry my brother and I back home. My other siblings had to carry the bags and cooler.
Its always funny how it can make me smile and tear up at the same time.
The song that sometimes reminds me of it is Yesterday.

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Probably the mid nineties. Most of my nostalgia fueled music comes from Final Fantasy IV and VI though…

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2004–2009 is my big nostalgia realm. It covers the latter half of middle school and all of high school. Lots of great memories. Throughout 2006–2009, I made mix CDs of music that I liked at the time and so every time I listen to these CDs, they bring back memories of that time, some songs bring back very specific memories. One example is the song “I’m Like a Laywer…” by Fall Out Boy which I put on my 26th Mix, made in July 2009. That was around the time when I first started going out with my boyfriend and it reminds of the month when I spent more time on vacation than I did at home, whether it was at Tahoe, in San Diego, or in Las Vegas. Arguably the most fun time of my life…

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My Nostalgia Lane resides somewhere in between the1990’s up until about the mid-2000’s. I guess that consists of my early childhood, right up until I started hitting double-digits. There’s a handful of songs that make me nostalgic, among them are the Keenan & Kel theme song, Tubthumping, and for some reason Violet Hill. Actually, the entire Viva la Vida album makes me feel nostalgic, not because it’s that old which it isn’t, but that it was the last album I listened to devoutly before I started really growing up.

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Blue Oyster Cult’s live album “On Your feet or on Your knees” brings it back. It made my mom crazy when I would crank up “Hot Rails to Hell” The rest of it is a little fuzzy then I went into the military where I was really corrupted, good times….good times.

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1970–1976 My years of college and my first university degree. Not that I don’t remember graduate school fondly.

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Fall of 1988—last few months of my innocence. I was on top of the world, ready to take on anything, fell head over heels in love, felt invincible, was in an awesome group of kids, met my best friend. My entire life since has been defined by things that happened that year.

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A quaint little place named Memory Lane, just round the corner from Quality Street, which was directly opposite to Alongwaydownthe Road ;¬}

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summers of 1991–1994 (nerd camp) and summers of 1997–1998 (working at nerd camp)

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Hey Paul Hey Paula. She dumped me for no reason and I still do not know why.

The year was 1962.

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