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Leopard gecko eye infection?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) August 18th, 2011

My leo, Charlie, has recently been keeping his left eye closed as if it hurts. After a few weeks, it looked cloudy and a few weeks later this stuff that looked like dead skin showed up in his eye at the bottom. Is it dead skin? He shed about a week before I noticed this and his skin was stuck on his head, right over his eyes, for almost the whole night. In the morning he had shed and had eaten his skin, but was closing both eyes. Now he’s moving slow and it doesn’t seem like he can see very well. I don’t feed him crickets. When I was feeding him meal worms they were moving right in front of him and I think he might have seen them, but he wouldn’t try to catch them. I CANNOT TAKE HIM TO A VET! There are no vets in my city that treat any kind of small animal except for dogs and cats – no reptiles, no bunnies, none. So do not tell me to take him to a vet unless you know of a place that can fix him in Tyler, Texas! If you have any idea how to help him without a vet please say! Would baths help? Or some kind of eye drops from Petsmart? Anything? Is it even an eye infection? Please help!

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There are some things you can try from this website.

No matter what, when you take on the responsibility of a herp, you need a reputable vet. A gecko is not a short-lived pet. It needs regular vet checks.

Our adopted tortoise had 2 families that chose not to vet her. It took us years to get her health back in order.

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First of all I’m not a veterinarian. Charlie could be suffering from a physical eye injury due to the process of shedding. Perhaps Charlie scratched his eye while clawing the dead skin from his face? You could examine Charlie’s eye with a 10 power hand lens and a strong light to see if you can see any scratches. Geckos need good humidity for successful shedding. Did you provide that? In addition ti this Charlie may have a bacterial infection and or a viral infection or something else entirely. It wouldn’t hurt to flush Charlie’s eyes 2 or 3 times a day with some over the counter eye drops like “Visine”. Also if Charlie’s condition get worse then you may consider using a 0.3% tobramycin ophthalmic solution by “Falcon” 3 times a day if you can get it (you will likely need a veterinarian’s prescription for that but you can try Pet Meds).

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Take him down to Texas A&M…to the vet school. They’ll know what to do. Or just call them on the phone and at least ask to talk to someone.

Or, here’s another idea. Call Caldwell Zoo in Tyler…ask if someone there could take a look at Charlie since there isn’t anyone in the area who treats/knows geckos. They might just help you or refer to you someone else they might know who can help. Worth a try.

Get well, Charlie!

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