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Which one amongst your five senses give you the greatest pleasure?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28706points) September 2nd, 2011

I understand any source of pleasure could only require one or two or three of our five senses ( hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste ) but what I’m interested is which SINGLE sense tends to give you a heightened pleasurable experience, if there’s any.

Does looking at an impressive painting makes you happier than say, hugging your child? Something like that. I hope I’m making sense. Thanks!

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Touch. I like physical pleasure.

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I don’t think I can answer this question. The best I could do would be to drop smell and taste from my favorite, leaving the other 3 as mandatory.

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Probably vision. Bass and subtitles and sign language can replace hearing. Smell I could do without. Taste, I smoke a pack a day and my taste already sucks. Touch might be the only other one that would be a huge bother.

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Touch for me. I lost my sense of smell for over a year… it sucked but I got by. WIth touch I could still feel and read and “see” with my fingers….I would miss hearing a lot but I could not see living without feeling the things around me.

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This is a really tough question. After watching various family members lose their sight, hearing, and ability to taste, none of them are pretty. But that isn’t what the question asks. It isn’t about sacrificing the others in order to keep one. I think that sight brings me the greatest pleasure.

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I’m big on visual and natural beauty, but, I’d have to go with taste.

I am very orally inclined.

Like to eat, talk, sing, drink, chortle away at my pets.

Yep, my mouth is very important to me. lol

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Sound and sight (tie for first), smell, followed by touch and then taste.

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My hearing.

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Probably vision. I’m a very visual person, which is probably why I’m so inclined toward the creative arts.

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Eye sight.

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hmmm hard to choose between sight and touch for me.

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For me it changes depending on what I’m doing. If it’s lilacs in the spring, it’s smell. If it’s a nice meal it’s taste. If it’s an art exhibit it’s sight. If it’s a concert it’s sound.

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My vision. Followed by food in mah belly (taste) – I like all my senses though with hearing being my least favorite. I’d give that away if I could.

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I thrive on touch. I drove my ex-wife batty with always wanting to touch her. She was fond of saying, “I’m not a ‘touch’ person!” My Vicky has no such problem. : ))

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Definitely touch for me. The feeling of a nice warm embrace from my husband, the super tight hug from my son when’s he’s really excited/happy about something new, and the feel of my baby’s soft cheek pressed up against mine as I am holding him are irreplaceable!

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Greatest pleasure, sensuous touch. I’m glad I don’t have to give up the others though.

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Let me see, I can see the wife’s breasts, I can touch them & I can certainly taste em…..I guess those three then.

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Sound and sight.

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I’m already deaf, so that one doesn’t count. Life has a way of making up for that, so no loss there for me.

@johnpowell is right, I feel sounds in a tactile way—vibrations can be more sensory than people realize. Also, my vision use has is very sharp and has been enhanced- I can see things most people who can hear completely miss. Those two give me the greatest pleasure, as well as functional use.

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It is either sight or sound and if I absolutely had to choose I would choose sight.

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My tongue.
Touch and taste.

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Another vote for touch and taste.

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Mr. Miyagi.

oh fuck! i thought you said sensei. ummm . . . hearing.

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For a cute guy: Sight, and Taste. (cute eyes and a strong tounge)

For me: My nose and tounge. (becuase they’re pierced!)

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I go for the sense of taste.. There as so many distinctive tastes in so many catagories that you couldn’t experience them all in your life time.

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Vision is number one, followed closely by hearing.

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