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Will you write a rap right now?

Asked by AshLeigh (16340points) September 2nd, 2011

Here’s mine:
My technique is flawless, when you speak you’re lyrically jawless. My lyrics is marvelous. You’re too stupid to be retarded.
“Duh, duh,” What’d you say? Don’t talk to me unless you can speak clearly. I eat you up lyrically. Spit you out verbally. I’ll come at you diversity. I’ma show you no mercy.
Call me a wanna be Eminem, I’m the fist Ash-Leigh, I’m proud of that, you’re a cry baby with a diaper rash.

Okay, I can’t rap, but you gotta admit, that was pretty beast.

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Wow, that rap was crap, but now I’m back. I’ll school you, make you drool too. It hasn’t taken me much time, to come up with a better rhyme. You all be hatin’ when I come out slatin… all you pushers and posers and people with no lives who play with toy bulldozers. What are you six? Go pick up sticks! You’re all so small, although I’m not so tall.
Paul out bitches.
I’m terrible at this.

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Hahah. @Paul, that was hilarious. :)

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I can’t write a rap, so I’ll look like a strap. I suck at singing, so why try stinging. I’m already stuck in a rut, so why try and strut. I love the way I can’t , but the way you can’t either. But the best thing I love is that when you rap, you can’t take a breather. You face bright, so your rap must be wack. I better go now before you make me take a nap.


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I’m an uzi that spits spirit and flames. Ablaze with the number of ways that I can decimate. Number your days. Only the champion stays! I’m the mfer that was born on this stage! You cryin oh digitalimpression aint liberal enough, i can’t agree wit his stuff, i think he nothin but bluff. I’m sayin all that i believe and i ain’t compromisin nothin. And if ya wanna mes wit me you best prepare for a knucklin.

uh. what just happened?

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Rapping is lame, go choke on my fame. Amidoingitrite?

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@blueberry_kid, I love that you tore it up, rapping about how you can’t rap. :)

@digitalimpression, Impressive. :D

@KateTheGreat, :(

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As I sit pon’ me ancient throne, and lay my eyes to the desolate wastelands I once owned and called home, my bushy unibrow presents much defeat, I must repeat, a land of stone is now naught but reaped by the feet of ghosts lone.
A veil of sorrow falls itself over my kingly bearded face it seems, and in my heart it burrows, and I resign as they weaken my seams, such as a ghost at midnight, falling back in its pit of misery, cursing every saint and ever foe that had once screamed, to you battle and woe!

I rest my heavily crowned head under my fist, as I seep into mindless contemplation and get pissed, pissed in anger pissed in drink, when thinking of this fist, wrought of iron wrought of steel, wrought of desire curled by fear, carved on a stone as a list, a list of those felled by my fist, the fist that held the sword and brought those down, who would seek to smash the chains ‘round, and make us drown, and leave all rotting in a dying mist, as in our blood we drown.

Erm. I was gonna go on, this is based on something I wrote a while back, and since I couldn’t think of a subject for a rap song, I decided to imagine what it would be like if Poe or VNV Nation actually sang rap, and add my own writing to it. But it would take way too long to transition my original thing to rap, which is something I know next to fuckall about anyways lol.

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wow you guys aren’t as bad as I thought
lets make an album, I’m sure it’ll be hot!

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I want to marry @Symbeline. Yup.

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Some day, we’re gonna have kids. :)

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Making babies is the fun part.

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Haha. You guys. XD

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Four fifty two in the morning, Bangin on my keyboard
Am I really that bored? Or just freakin loco?
Struggling with my singin, It’s not even rainin
Neighbors been complainin, they got ears like Dumbo
So I go to Flu-ther, It’s my website brother
Also has my sisters, sexy bitchin jellies
So I answer questions, then I ask more questions
Pretending to be human, satisfy Augustlan
Peace! : )

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I was asked to write a rap, but I am really shit
At it

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@rebbel… That didn’t even rhyme. XD
I was asked to write a rap, but every line I drop is crap. :)

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I cannot rap. My rhymes are crap, and that’s that.

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@Mr_Paradox Lol that’s pretty good!

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I know, the ultimate cop-out rap.

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