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This one . At times there have been mountains to conquer. Occasionally I shoot quickly down a river. At all times I am surrounded by the beauty of nature and it is to nature I can escape. There is a sunrise at the end of the journey and the picture is clear and un-befuddled.. a condition which matches my outlook. I am placid, calm, and carefree. I am this picture I guess.

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@ratboy wow.. that looks like an intimidating habitat

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^^ Agreed. :D

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Haha. Albert, totally. :)

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Ah crap, I denno. I can’t stick the entirety of my whole existence on one pic, no matter how many words it might be worth.

The night, I’m picking this because it seems so right. In three minutes though, it’s gonna be something else. Like a picture of a village fucked up by Vikings lol.

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This, maybe? (joking, lol)

This (adventure, solitude)

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@jonsblond, I like that one. Nice saturation and contrast. I like the grainy sharpness of the trees against the smoothness of the water.

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@lonelydragon, I love that picture.

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This. My curiosity will always drag me deeper.

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