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All my failures were lessons learned and without them I would not be who I am! ;)

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Trying to get my mother’s bank to not “keep losing” her mortgage loan modification paperwork.

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“Remember the plans that we made? About getting married and where we would stay… Do you still hope we end up that way?”
That’s a song. “I can’t name you,” by A Man With Robot Hands. It just matched what I wanted to say…

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That’s a very good way to look at life…
Oh my gosh! I would be mad.
... Love you cuz. You’ll be okay. :) “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim!”

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@Faidle TY and I learned this the hard way as it should be!!

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Going to college right out of high school. I wish I hadn’t been physically and mentally ill at the time so I could have finished at the university I was attending.

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Ok, I’m going to 2nd what @Facade wrote if I can pick something for myself. So many of us kids were told if our grades weren’t so hot then we could go to the local Jr. College, bring up our GPA’s, get AA’s or AS’s out of the way and transfer into 4yr colleges having saved a good deal of money.

The pitch by the J.C. was good but I’m one of several kids I know who took that pitch and decided it was ticket to “party on” and still go to a good college. I wish, I wish, I wish I would have kept my grades up and gone right away into a 4yr college, had the typical college experiences and all.

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I was engaged once to a guy that my parents have agreed on him, after two years I have ended the engagement and now I am in love with someone that I shouldn’t be with. I wish go back on time and get marry to my ex-fiance even if I know that i won’t be happy with him..

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It would be the one where I planned to conquer the whole world and become supreme evil world leader. Mwaahahahaha!

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Go back to college for a major in Biology and go to Medical School

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I would have left home at age 19 yrs and kept going (travelling0 as planned then.
Got sabatogued into getting married.
So much could have been avoided, but on the other hand I would not have my children.
So in the end , I guess it panned out as it should be?

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I never wanted to break anyone’s heart, but I did just moments ago…

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I kind of wish I was a virgin when I got married LOL.

I think the guys I lost it too were losers. I only had 2 by the way before my husband.

I also wish I never lived together with the first guy I lived together with.

I wish I had gotten married younger and also maybe have 2 kids by now. I just feel like the longer you wait the less you want them.

I actually always wanted a really traditional life haha

I think if life was guaranteed I would probably prefer to be just a boring housewife living in a boring suburb instead of a career woman.

Part of me hates the corporate world and the fact I trapped myself into it and can’t get out LOL.

But then again I wouldn’t be the person I am today and have had the exciting life that I have had if I did that.

I travelled a lot and have seen a lot of places at a very young age because of my being really adventurous and breaking the chrisitian rules I was raised with so….. I don’t know

I think the grass always seems greener on the other side. No one’s life is perfect so there is no point in regretting anything ha !!

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